T.O.A.D. – Truth Of All Death

Canadian grinders Truth Of All Death were a bit silent this year, they got few shows, nothing special, but at the end of the year our friends presented us a new 7”. This self-named wax is a good example of Canadian grindcore. Raw, aggressive, fast and crazy… yeah, many bands are using such ingredients, but damn it, this grindcore and not  power metal, haha!
Looking at the cover I noticed that they contracted the disease from Phyllomedusa, who is using images of the frogs for the cover arts, and with whom they make a split last year. This hellish frog looks very gloomy and angry, haha. Btw, this cover could transform in huge and weird poster with tons of crazy/funny and ugly images/elements.

Now let’s talk about the noise. This material differs from the last one (from the split with crazy Phyllomedusa), we have here more traditional grindcore. Song’s have traditional punk touch and dirty productions (which is good, in case of T.O.A.D.). I listen to this small vinyl at least 7 times and every time I caught myself thinking that our Canadian amigos really love Agathocles. Here and there I found a some influences from these Belgian grandpas. Must admit that all “AG style” moments make this music more cheerful and punky, just listen to Sneak Dis or Samosa Savior songs.
In the end I just was to say, that if you’re looking for not fashion, honest grindcore you should listen to this 7”. 

Rating: 8/10      T.O.A.D. bc        T.O.A.D. fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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