Convulsions / No God Rhetoric

Everything is stupidly simple, here is very tight 7” that I want to write about. A really good and mind-blowing release, so here comes Convulsions / No God Rhetoric split EP! 

First comes Convulsions, the band that blasted my mind few years with their debut work, and the very kind guys that are staying in my heart after I hung out with them at OEF. But, let’s put emotions aside, we are here to listen to these songs.    
The opener “De mal en peor” blasts off with some seriously grinding guitar ligatures. Ferocity inside these tracks is impressive, and this noise seriously kicks ass. Good yelling vocals, strong guitar part, different riffs (fast/slow); I can’t say that bass is a strong side of this recording, but anyway it makes a decent background sound. Also there is one small thing that I found lovely, it’s the sound of the snare. It sounds raw, a little bit amateurish but that hooked me. And it’s very sad that this record is so fucking short, because it`s hard to get enough of this grind tornado, haha!

Second punch is coming from No God Rhetoric (fastcore/grind band from Czech Republic). This music is totally differs from Convulsions… this is real fast noise massacre. Maybe sometimes everything sounds messy (I’m talking about blasting parts), but this material is memorable. Memorable with it light progressive style… chaotic structures, clanking sound of guitars, wild vocal and great drum work. I remember when these guys sent me the letter with their debut ep… that was years ago and now I see how they grew up. This new shit sounds weird, not straight, interesting, and simply good!

Rating: 8.5      Convulsions fb      No God Rhetoric bc

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