Sulfuric Cautery – Three Years of Torture

Today’s story will be about one crazy and loud band from Dayton (USA). A band young and productive, for 3 years of existence they have almost 20 releases! Yep, I’m talking about Sulfuric Cautery. I remember the first time when I heard their noise, that was damn noisy and messy  recording from some of their splits, but even with shitty quality, their extraordinary style caught me. And now, a few years later I`m holding a discography CD… time runs fast, hehe. 

I heard a lot of different bands and can honestly say that not all of them deserve attention. Guys managed to turn primitive riffs and short songs structures into something original. In my opinion that highlight them from the other “caveman” bands.

Somehow it’s hard to describe this stuff… it’s very loud, raw, hyperspeed, with messy at the same time. Sound is dirty but with huge load of stupidly brutal energy. When I was listening to it, I caught myself thinking that I’m listening feeling of pure aggression. Angry vocals, muddy guitar sound (which create a super deadly sound wall) and of course I can’t avoid to mention endless blast beats. Honestly I want to talk about that part more, because I think that is the factor X for this band. Fast, with weird dry snare sound, sometimes sloppy, some time super fast and loud… that shit is standing out from all instruments and making this music interesting.     
All of the above is wrapped in nice art which contains a lot of elements and cool characters, like the mad doctor/butcher that is cutting mutilated bodies, and weird creatures in the tanks, damn that stuff looks sick and brutal. Once again if you’re thirsty and on the hunt for good kickass tunes you must listen to this CD!

Rating: 8.5/10

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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