Organ Dealer (06.01.20)

Greetings my friends! How are you doing today? I hope all is well and your beer is cold, and Cher is playing loud from your speakers!

Hello Mr. Bilous! Happy New Year! We are doing great, thanks for the interview! We believe in life after love.

How does it feel to be in an underground band? And how many years have you been apart of this scene (not just in OxDx)?

It’s awesome, it’s very hard work but it’s rewarding and we love it. We’ve all been active in the underground scene since we were teenagers, now in our 30s

Can I get the story of your band or a short biography? How well did you know each other before starting the band? When and where was the idea of OxDx born?

Jeff moved back home to New Jersey from California due to an injury and the name came about because he was supposed to get a cadaver ligament put in his knee during surgery. Because he wasn’t going back to Cali, he wanted to stay home to focus on music. That was when the band started in 2013.

Jeff met Eric through a mutual friend in the music scene and they began jamming. Trevor came in because he and Jeff had been friends for many years prior to that. Scot knew Eric from one of Eric’s previous bands. Scot also had a hardcore band, Eric really liked his voice and invited him to join the band. We played our first show in 2014 and he we are!

Trevor, you’re a married man now, congrats! So how do you guys manage to combine your daily work, families, and grindcore?

Trevor says thanks very much!
It’s definitely a delicate balance being in a DIY grind band and balancing family and daily obligations but we always make the time when we can. It’s something extremely important to all of us so we always try to work around it with respect to each other’s work schedules, family schedules, etc. If it makes sense and we can pull it off then we do it!

Let’s get creative. What is a dream grind band lineup for you?

Wow, cool question! We’re gonna each choose one of our favorite players from our respective instruments here to make a supergroup:

Scot – Dave (PLF) and Ryan Tong (S.H.I.T) on vocals
Trevor- Chris Dodge (Infest/Spazz) on bass
Jeff – Robbie (The Kill) or Stoffel (Yacopsae) on guitar
Eric – Kai Hahto (Rotten Sound) or Dave Witte (Discordance Axis) on drums

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the last big tour of yours was in Europe, right? So could you tell us about the best and the worst moments from that trip?

We actually just did a summer tour with Noisem here in the states. We love those guys!

But back to our European tour, the worst moment was the time we had a promoter cancel our show last minute on our way into Manchester, England. Flo, from Department of Correction, was on the phone with that jerk yelling at the guy saying “you try to take a shit in my own pants! So now I will take a shit in your pants!” and the promoter was asking if that was a threat and Flo was like, “YES!”

Us and the dudes from DOC ended up sitting at a bar for hours, reaching out to the venue and through the internet were able to put the show back together last minute.

That night we ended up staying at this dude’s flat. He told us he had an empty room for us to sleep in and we were gonna head back and party. So the party never ended and while each of us started to pass out in the hallway and the guys own room, he and his friend stayed up raging in the empty room.

By the time morning arrived and we had to hit the road, we were all so exhausted that Scot forgot to grab all of our band money and left it in the kid’s apartment! He was a stand up guy though so on top of offering us a roof over our heads he was kind enough to send us the money. Cheers!

The best moments were 100% getting to travel to completely new places, all the incredible European squats, and getting exposed to so many new experiences all with our brothers in Department of Correction from France.

The best nights were either the night when we stayed at Epplehaus because that place is amazing and run by the best dudes. They were beyond hospitable. After the show, they took us around Tübingen which was beautiful and we went to a couple really cool bars and a random rave. The next morning we had coffee and breakfast on the terrace and talked for a bit about life.

Or the time in Nottingham when Negative Thought Process snuck us and DOC into their hostel at 3am because our original spot fell through and we ended up talking and laughing our asses off all night!

You were pretty silent last time, are you preparing something new for us? Could you tell us about your future plans?

Absolutely! We are currently in the middle of writing a new full length. We Just announced a West Coast tour next May with our buddies in Meth Leppard & PowerxChuck from Australia. We also heard a rumor that if you live in Europe, there’s a good chance you’ll see an appearance from us this year 😉

Which album would you want to be buried with?

This is an impossible question!
Scot – The Resignation by Rx Bandits or Pornography by the Cure
Trevor- Harsh Realities by Death Toll 80k
Jeff – by no means is this a definitive answer but, Slaughter of the Soul by At The Gates
Eric – too hard to answer

Tom, could you tell me what the deal is behind all these Mortician memes?

SO. Tom is actually no longer a member of Organ Dealer! We haven’t really made a big announcement or anything so you heard it here first! He is still a very good friend of ours, just as he was before joining the band but going back to balancing life and grind, Tom is an incredible person and has a lot of stuff going on. We love him and wish him the best. We reached out to Tom and he said it was best to keep the Mortician memes separate from the band.

Let’s take a small step back from grindcore – what’s a song you would want to see a grindcore cover of?

Scot – 100 Years by The Cure
Trevor – Gimme Gimme Gimme by Abba
Jeff – Baptism by Crystal Castles
Eric – Adrift by Tycho

Can you tell us more about your last split with Invertebrate and Nerve Grind?

We were originally supposed to do a split with some other bands but it fell through last minute. We had already been in touch with the Nerve Grind guys about doing a split in the past. Turns out Nerve Grind and Invertebrate were already working on a split together and when we reached out to them the timing was perfect.

We recorded the split with Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations and it was the smoothest and easiest recording we have ever done. Everyone involved including Night Animal Records was so chill and easy to work with and the other bands were super cool with us jumping in and we’re really grateful for the whole thing.

Please give me some comments on the following bands: 1.Nasum 2.Agathocles 3.LDOH 4.S.O.B. 5.Autopsy

Nasum- huge influence and one of our all-time favorite grind bands! Agathocles – incredible band and amazing dudes. We sat next to Jan and Nils on the bus going back to the airport from Obscene Extreme and they were the nicest guys. Last Days Of Humanity- super brutal fast, we met their bass player Mel at Obscene Extreme and she’ll be playing for PowerxChuck on our upcoming tour together. S.O.B- Legendary grindcore from Japan. Autopsy- Mental Funeral, man what an album!

And this is the end of our small grind talk. Thank you so much brothers, hope to see you again somewhere soon.

Thank you Alex! We miss you man and you fucking rule! Thank you for everything you do for the scene with GGGG! Thank you for the interview and we really appreciate you reaching out and asking some really good questions! I know we’ll see each other soon enough my friend!

Contacts:     Organ Dealer fb       Organ Dealer bc

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