Psychoneurosis / Herida Profunda / Suffering Quota

I want to dedicate this review to Sonia, you won’t be forgotten, rest in grind my friend! Life is short and fast, and sometimes even faster than a grindcore song…
Let’s talk about a fresh split with 3 great European bands – Psychoneurosis (Poland), Herida Profunda (Poland/UK), and Suffering Quota (Netherlands). I know that this split consists of unreleased and live material, and that doesn’t felt like fresh new songs, but fuck it, because this split sounds really good. I want to start from the first Polish band (the legends) Psychoneurosis. They perform here with two tracks, both of them are from the same recording session as their last album. What can I say… Brand sound (with interesting balance), good production and well-done songs, this stuff away far from the dirty DIY grindcore that is everywhere. It’s full of mid-tempo beats (but of course there is a good portion of blast beats, especially in the second song), heavy guitar and bass sound, super catchy solos and angry vocals. This is how Polish grind school is/should sounds.

I must say that live recording from Herida Profunda sounds damn good (which is rare for live recordings). These songs are not messy or something like that, the recording is pretty “clean”. When I listened to these 4 songs I simply was smashed by its live energy, it was pleasantly aggressive. Guys were honest at the stage and I can feel it, for me it is an important part of this music. Yeah, generally this material not stands out (and remind a lot of other bands), but this small piece worth of listening, believe me, this shit makes you headbang, haha! 

Suffering Quota is closing this story. Yelling, pumping and uncompromising – that’s how “Rage” sounds. The second track “Bastardized Yesterday” slows down for the gloomy intro but then guys continue to blasting (slow/fast/slow structure). Somewhere near the end, these guys slow down again… Dark and slow riffs, crust drumming and punching vocal making this ending fogy and atmospheric. I guess our friends didn’t use these songs because it was too long (4 minutes) for the album, haha!

Rating: 7.5/10    Psychoneurosis  /  Herida Profunda  /  Suffering Quota

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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