Satanic Youth / Crippled Fox

Today is Monday and this day usually sucks, and the best way to fix it it’s put some good tunes on your turntable. What could be better than 1 small but loud split with really wild fastcore? I bet nothing. So the split of the day is Satanic Youth / Crippled Fox. This vinyl shows really interesting rampant side of punk. This release has pretty common (for thrash/fastcore genre) art, skate to death my friends, haha! This image is really great, without joking. But the best part still lies ahead…

Italian freaks from Satanic Youth starting this party. Must say this music very emotions, the energy inside these songs are huge. And it’s a pity that such stuff has bad production. The guitar sound is almost unrecognizable and cluttered with cool punky bass sound. But anyway I liked this small hardcore punk blast. 

Crippled Fox is the fucking Lethal Weapon, haha! All five songs sound like a gun fire. They are loud, fast and full of ferocity. Damn this noise makes me crazy, this shit push me into the mosh pit, god damn, ha! These songs are short but sharp, riffing is very simple but catchy, rhythm section is nice too. Maybe this material sounds a bit messy, but Crippled Fox definitely compensates with its punchy energy! 

My choice was right, and I got the result that I want to. This small 7” cheered me up. So if you’re in a bad mood, I recommended to fix that with this split. 

Rating: 8/10        Satanic Youth fb       Crippled Fox fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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