MFC / Harsh Supplement / New York Against The Belzebu

A friend of mine recommended this split to me fully knowing my not big love to noise stuff, but he told me to shut up, open a beer and and listen to it. So I decided to give a try to this tape. Visual part of this release didn’t surprise me, this type of collage is very usual for grindcore and noisecore genre. Then I thought “hm, usually under shitty image is hidden interesting music material”. Well I was half right…

Band opener is MFC (Made For Chaos). Unfortunately I don’t know where they are from, but their style reminds me Brazilian/Peruvian school of noise. Songs are short, riffs are primitive and very aggressive. Sound level is damn low but this is totally old school grinding noise. Unfortunately I must say that I couldn’t dig this noise. I feel that guys recorded true emotions, but most of this music is boring…

Canadian dudes from Harsh Supplement shows us another side of noisecore. Their music is more chaotic, more mad and mind opened. And yeah, the whole sound is crappy too, haha. I like how sloppy drums sounds together with unlimited screams and yellings. Truly say I like how pumping this noise sounds, more of the songs are really heavy. And again I can say that this noise is memorable.

Brazilian legends New York Against The Belzebu are closing this split tape with the worst sound quality. But this is really interesting material. 19 songs of nihilistic sounds. Here and there you will hear funny rock riffs. I especially love the Iron Maiden cover, haha. NYATB use a lot of punk in their music and I really like it. But on the other hand it’s very strange to listen noisecore without vocals, I mean you always thinking that you miss something, haha!    

Rating: 6.5/10           

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