Good Guys at Grind Here Right Now! (22/23.11.19)

It’s always a pleasure to escape from your own country and join friends at a good Grind festival. This year my target was Grind Here Right Now Fest. The line up of it was huge and juicy, and fuck, it was right after my birthday, so the decision was easy, haha. But beforehand, I flew to Berlin to check some good museums and hang out with some friends. My good friend Keule (Rodel Rec) showed me a few things and introduced me to a super cool punk bar that’s still a pretty active and popular space for local underground people. Dinosaurs, a shitty airport, epic buildings, a huge and beautiful park (where Julio from Cripple Bastards slept one day, because he was lost in Berlin, lol), kebabs and kind people. That’s how I remember Berlin. The next day we jumped into Keule’s car and drove more than 600 km to Aachen without any stops. 

After a small lunch we walked around and checked out the town and the venue. I must say that place didn’t disappoint me. A spot that is placed in a basement and totally trashed with graffiti and posters (let’s call it a diy home design).
The organizers explained to me that they changed venues so they were a little bit worried about this new location. But everything turned out even better than expected… The bar was well packed with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, bands got their own goodies, beer tickets, and pretty tasty meals backstage. I will admit that venue and show were well organized, which is always important. There is one thing that I want to tell you. This venue has two rooms, so they used both of them. When 1 band started to play the second one started to make their soundcheck. A great and smart decision that helped to keep everything in the precise order and without delays.

There was even an area full of different distros, here and there you were able to buy different stuff (even some stuff before the official release date). The atmosphere was super friendly and full of sweet weed smell haha!

The opener was XSPig-D, a band with super strange name, but with good material. Their mix of powerviolence and grinding hardcore warmed up the whole crowd. Meanwhile,in the other room, the one man band Assur was ready to start. Brame, the guy behind this band, even played a song for me, haha. That was super lovely!
Band after band, people where slamming more and more. The crew from Hetze played a great set and charged me with a huge portion of energy. For some technical issues, two bands were not able to play at this gig. So the guys from Warfuck played two days in a row. It was cool to see that machine twice, haha! That night was a lot of great bands and noise, I still have mixed memories of the late part of the party. But after Distaste finished we were back to the apartments, happy and tired.


Second day of Grind Here Right Now was a real deal, so many great bands, and so hard to check them all. 1st Class Collapse was the opener for that day. Guys nailed us with their great noisy crust-punk. Wreck-D was a new name for me, but my German friends assured me that this band is very cool… Must say they were right. These young punks played very hard and really great. Honest, fast and loud grindcore, I will definitely track them in the future. The next was a very special band, a band which was a highlight of the lineup for me. Gewoon Fucking Raggen simply killed all of us with their hyperspeed fastcore. That was so fucking cool… Honestly, that was the best band of the whole festival, for me of course. Simple and short songs, loud and stupid yellings, and pretty nice sound. I still remember their set, what a band, what an energy!

Guests from Czech Republic Lycanthrophy and Needful Things were amazing, I especially wanted to see Lycanthrophy, because I missed them 10 years ago when they played in my country. Polish Nuclear Holocaust blasted a good portion of thrashing grindcore. German act Keitzer was like super serious, guys played good and decent portion of deathgrind with lovely technique.

My old friend from Entrails Massacre played like there will be no tomorrow, that was super brutal show. Sheeva Yoga and Failure bring some fastcore and powerviolence notes into that grind mess. Also it was cool to see Suffering Quota second time in one year. Like at OEF guys played without mercy… crowd was moshing and slamming under the stage.

It`s was very pity that Lugubrious Children is not playing anymore, but at least I saw them and that warming my heart. Somewhere between guys from Warfuck played again, and again they made it very honestly, I saw a pure joy on their faces, haha! This party ended with headliners Vitamin X. I guess I saw this band 3 times or something, they are awesome and that was a good and big point at the end of this small party.

After that there was a lot of good words, hugs, beer and interesting stories. It was good times and I will definitely go back to that fest again. I want to say thank you to Mario and Daniel for this festival and the opportunity to be there!

Band photos by “Jörg Kandziora |
Official festival page Grind Here Right Now fb


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