Pulmonary Fibrosis – Organ Maggots

The French band PF is one of the most important and oldest bands in this subgenre. They started 20 years ago, and with time their music has transformed into something really disgusting. But today I want to look back at their debut full length album “Organ Maggots”. Because I have a new re-press of this great album (which was released by Eclectic Productions) and I want to put it on my player and share this noise with you. Here are a few things that I noticed. Unlike the original, this version has a little bit other color + 1 more song. But in general this is 100% same album with ugly songs and tremorous sound. You may ask, how this album sounds/taste likes… well here how a feel about this bucket of audio maggots.

First of all this is dirty and honest heaviness simply squashes you. These guys found the way to keep a good balance between sound and production; everything sounds raw and brutal but without crossing the line. I mean, this material is not messy at all, you can catch many of the riffs. All of the instruments sound good, they’re not compressed to the one shitty layer. People who love a difference in the songs, can skip this review and to drink some soy milk. Because “Organ Maggots” is not so diverse, it can easily can grind you down. Blasting songs, decent guitar sound, distorted vocals… fuck, everything here has a savage spirit and energy. Oh yes, I really like how the drummer used a cowbell in some songs, that was not standard and cool.

Half of hour ended in one blast, during all that time I didn’t have any thoughts of shutting this album off. Also it wasn’t boring to listen to all 22 songs, in my opinion this is a very important thing for any releases. So if you’re tired of the new wave of mincing gore, just put this CD on. Strongly recommended only for gore freaks!

Rating: 8/10    Pulmonary Fibrosis fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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