Nuclear Cult / Crack Under Pressure

Everyone knows about USA’s schools of Powerviolence and Hardcore, but what do you know about the German scene? Could somebody give me the names of a few bands? No? Luckily today I’m going  to tell you about a couple of great bands with members of few legendary Hardcore/PV bands such as Y, Pink Flamingos and SM70. It’s like a small family, all these dudes have played together for so many years in different squads, time slowly took these bands away one by one, but they didn’t give up. Here are two new projects Nuclear Cult and Crack Under Pressure. Their tunes will surprise you with old school taste and energetic speed. Ah, yes, I totally forgot, this story has one more famous German name – Regurgitated Semen rec. This ancient label released all this fast noisy mess on vinyl. All together it has a solid look and it’s really pleasant to hold it in your hands.

There is not any sign of which side is A or B marked on the label, so I chose to start with Nuclear Cult. This band lovse to take old school tunes and flip them upside down. I found all their releases different, they really like to make some minor but interesting additions into their wild blend of Hardcore/Punk/Powerviolence. The whole sound is messy but I still like it. Huge amount of Punk Rock fragments and different sound effects make this music bright and catchy. Fast moments are crushing, bass sounds powerful but sometimes it’s cluttered by the guitar sound. Can’t say that the vocals sound unique, but this yelling fits perfectly for such crazy music. My personal favorite tracks are: Sportsfreund and Balastexistenz.

The second band on this LP is Berlin’s Crack Under Pressure. Their music is more straightforward, with vibes of old school Fastcore/Hardcore but with more aggressive power and speed. Song by song CUP is crushing the listeners, each song like a painful punch to the gut. The powerful energy of swarming guitar, bass, fast drumming and loud yelling is simply amazing. Maybe most hardcore fans will find this music to simple and too old, but personally I think that is the way modern hardcore should sounds (I mean with strong Punk base and without any hip hop shit). I feel that this music was written with honest feelings and emotions, must say it’s really rare nowadays…

Rating: 8.5/10        Nuclear Cult      Crack Under Pressure

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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