Prison Shank – World of Failure

The German scene is growing, and growing damn fast. I’m really happy to see so many new names in the underground, and I would like to share them with you guys. The band for today’s review is Prison Shank. It’s hard to find any worthy information about them, but I can clearly say that they are Germans, they are based in  the town of Schweinfurt and “World of Failure” EP was released digitally on September 2018. Lower Class Kids Records released these 10 songs on cassette format a half year later. Sorry but is all that I found… Also I can’t say that this cassette release has a badass or special art, everything looks pretty typical for a grindcore band. But we all know that we can’t only judge for the cover. That’s why I propose to cut this shit and put this tape into the player.   

This EP is still plenty grindcore. The whole experience clocks in at just above ten minutes, with plenty of songs falling between thirty seconds and 1 minute, but there are a few tracks clocking in at or above the two minute mark. Prison Shank is a quick puncher. The production is a fairly clean with a huge emphasis on the metallic hardcore sound. Of course among the grindcore element’s, you will find good portion of hardcore and metal. But it’s good that these guys chose to play not straight-line grindcore. I didn’t hear anything new for me, but in general this release is really nice. The drums come through solid and thick while the guitar and bass sounding chunky and heavy. The vocals sound brutal and really aggressive, and I like it. I bet guys used a lot of double to record everything properly and that had a bit of a negative effect. The energy within this EP simply dry…

Don’t get me wrong this is an interesting tape and a really good start for a new band. But let’s see what guys will bring us in the future.

Rating: 7/10         Prison Shank bc

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