Insomnia Isterica / Sposa In Alto Mare

At the end of last year I received a nice big parcel from Russian label No Bread Rec. Among vinyls and CDs I found this interesting tape.I know both bands well but didn’t have the chance to listen to it. I bet this is a sign, hahah! If fate tells me to listen this cassette, then it should be worth my time. So let’s take a closer look at this Swiss/Italian teamwork. First of all it’s strange to see such artwork from Huere, we used to see a lot of rotten punks and other stuff, but the SEA waves? That is definitely something new. Can’t say that this design and art caught me, but it’s nice to hold this tape in the hands. That’s enough looking, let’s listen to this split.

The beginners are Insomnia Isterica, unfortunately they were not so active for the past few years, so it’s really great to hear a few new tunes from them. As usual my friends changed their style, but just a bit, now their music sounds more like groundbreaking hyper speed punk. This material sound pretty dynamic and tight. Fast riffs, goofy melodies, and endless fun. Even though this is just a punk, the whole producing is great. All instruments/elements are well balanced. Oh yes, among few new tracks Insomnia Isterica presented few cover songs on Sposa In Alto Mare. So you will be able to compare two different kinds of grind. 

Sposa In Alto Mare’s material sound much dirtier, but that does not mean that their side sucks. This is just another side of grindcore – ugly, raw and aggressive. I still like this primitive riffing and simple structures, I found this music pretty catchy and interesting. I can agree that this isn’t the best example of genre but Sposa In Alto Mare simple playing what they want to play. Dirty guitar sound, screaming, sloppy drums and messy sound, that shortly what you will hear. And yes there is 1 cover song on Insomnia Isterica, hehe…

Rating:  Insomnia Isterica 8/10       Sposa In Alto Mare 7/10

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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