Ash Mouth – S/T

Melbourne is a capital of grindcore – there is the biggest concentration of grind bands in all of Australia. Ash Mouth is one of them. This furiouse machine is great example of modern grindcore, and among your usual grindcore expectations you will find a strong hardcore influence. I guess I’m a bit late with this review because originally this noise was released 3 years ago, but anyway I think this stuff deserve of few words.

So we have a Czech Republic (Psychocontrol rec) edition of this tape. Unlike cover art on bandcamp this variant has great red and black colors, I think this combination of colors perfectly stress the music inside. The strongest aspect of this EP is that punching energy will hit you again and again…  I can’t say that this is my cup of grindcore but I enjoyed this tape a lot. I like this dissonant guitar tone, it sounds very sharp. I can almost say the same about the drums, every hit of it is very fast. Brutality in these 6 songs rolls over, which is damn great!

The weak side of this release is the tape sound. I bet factory just used tape for the data but not for the music (yep there is a big difference between). 

Rating: 7.5/10    Ash Mouth bc      Ash Mouth fb

This tape released by Psychocontrol rec

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