Scapegoats – Pogo Lebt immer noch

We are continuing to write about punk history from different corners of our planet, this time we have super compilation of ancient German band Scapegoats. This old hardcore band was formed in Klausdorf in the West of Germany. They recorded 3 releases: two noisy tapes and one 7”. All together it`s 60 songs. 20 on vinyl and other 40 on bonus CD. The look of this release is unbelievable! Simply one of the best designs so far! OBI, colored vinyl, huge poster, booklet with band history and moldy photos and show posters and of course super quality of paper. Without word this is blowing mind release, at least its visual side. 

When I started to compare song list with originals I found the first part of the Scapegoats discography contains songs from both tapes, this more like repressing “Pogo Lebt Immer Noch !! 1981-86” cassette box. Strange, because usually everything goes in the order, but not this time. Strange but almost everything here sounds pretty similar. I mean there almost no different in recording and sound quality, everything sound amateurish and raw. Can’t say that I’m a huge fan of this kind of production, it sounds too messy… But I do love original and wild energy of there demo tapes. The hate and aggression in these songs are more real and honest than nowadays bands have. This punk is goofy as fuck but bloody fun too, just check the “Antisocial” song.

This is controversial release for me, but I’m sure that old German punks will love this release, because this is a part of their history and the history of punk in general!

Rating: music 7/10  design: 10/10     Scapegoats fb

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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