Collision – Live & Unleashed

The Netherlands grind scene is full of good band bands and good people. I have a huge list of bands from that country that I love, and Collision is on it. I hear that these guys are working on a new album and that news warms my heart. I’m sure that there is still a lot of work – creation of a full length is definitely not a fast process, so until everything is done, we have an opportunity to listen to this new live album. All of the songs were recorded during great German grindfest Grind The Nazi Scum in 2018. Collision played 13 (I’m pretty sure that they played more, but this CD contain only 13 of them) powerful, fast and cheerful songs. All the material was mixed and mastered by Luc van Rens & Erwin Hermsen at Toneshed Studio. The guys did a good job, that’s why we can hear a pretty nice sound. Just look at this cover art and you will surely recognize the hand of Luis Sendon. This guy knows how to draw and know how to play grind, haha! But let’s get back to the music… So “try to touch me, you dirty Jesus!!!!”

This story starts with “A Healthy Dose Of Radiation”. I think it’s a nice choice, this song is a good opener. The rest of it went pretty fast – this performance was not too long but really honest and good. I can’t say that this recording is brilliant, but it’s rare when you can catch almost all the guitar riffs on a live record, ha! Yeah, some pieces are cluttered, but anyway this CD is full of fun. I especially like the voices and screams from the crowd, people were really happy to hear these maniacs, haha. I hope to see them live someday too…
It’s hard to write these last words, but it’s not because I don’t like “Live & Unleashed”? , it’s because I have nothing to add. This small release is a nice portion of fun. If you have a bad day at work (like me), then put this record on and turn the volume, it will help to erase all the bad thoughts from your head.

Rating: 7.5/10          Collision bc        Collision official

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