Agathocles / Iron Butter

Today is Friday and this day is just perfect to have a few cold beers and write a new review about a good Grind release. I don’t even want to introduce AG, you all know that lovely trio. But I feel the need to give you some info about Iron Butter. So this was a band from New York, and for their years of activity (2006 – 2013) they became a pretty cult band. These guys played really dirty and noisy Grindcore, and obviously they have a lot of splits with bands like Unholy Grave, Mesrine and Archagathus, etc. As far as I know this split was planned to release many years ago, but something went wrong. This wax saw the light in 2018 but “It’s better late than never”.      

I’m not gonna lie, Agathocles has been one of my favorite Grindcore/Mince bands since I discovered this genre. As a matter of fact, AG may have been the band who really had a lasting effect on this music and the underground, at least I think so. It’s strange, the guys recorded only two songs for this split. They are “Listening To Fear” and “Terror In The Mirror”. Both of them are dirty, catchy, and full of schizophrenic screams (which reminds me of the style of Unholy Grave). I must say these are not typical songs for AG, maybe some riffs sound familiar, but in general it’s something new, anyway they surprised me, haha.      

The first time I listened to this, I thought this was a recording of a broken lawn mower, haha! These 15 songs from Iron Butter are so noisy and crazy. This session is so messy, but somehow it’s not totally disgusting. All the songs are very short, the whole record reminds me of machine gun fire. I must say there are not many words that can be used for this Noise, let’s just say it’s the very definition of Noisegrind. If you love short and loud songs with low growling vocals and funny intros, this stuff is for you.

Rating: 8/10    Agathocles fb          Iron Butter(????)

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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