Turn Off Cancer – Turn On Grind!

After weeks of silence, we now need to provide this information. Rafał “Sonia” has inoperable pancreatic cancer. This has just been confirmed by biopsy results. There is a fight ahead of him, and a weapon is needed to fight. As always, this weapon is money.

As some may know, pancreatic cancer is one of the worst varieties of this fucking disease. However, in addition to standard chemotherapy treatment, there is also another method, namely NANOKNIFE. The nanoknife treatment is performed by several clinics in Poland. However, this is an expensive procedure. That is why we are asking you for support. We need to collect a minimum of PLN 50,000. The basic procedure, preparation for it plus all costs around should close in this amount. It may happen that the procedure will be more difficult, but … For now, we do not think about it.

It doesn’t seem to make sense to describe what kind of person Sonia is, and if someone knows him better, he knows what he was dealing with several years ago and how selfless he was in it. He probably also knows that the smile does not come off the face of this man 24 hours a day, unless he is playing a concert and must focus on his jumps😊. It’s a volcano of energy !! A man in constant motion !! He is a man living music !! He is a great friend and a great man!


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