Fumigated – Composted

Do you think Lima, Ohio, is where we’ve perfected time travel? This is a weird question to start a grind review off with, sure, but my reason for asking is that I’m pretty sure instrument playing cavemen were brought in from the Paleolithic era to form this band. Composted is 8 tracks of pulverizing goregrind with a taste of death metal, and it was released at the end of August 2019.

When I got the CD in the mail, I feel like I knew what I was in for just based on the cover. It’s a simple black and white illustration of a violent campsite murder – the style reminds me so much of the first Impetigo record. The back is a photo of the band, and to be honest, it’s kinda cringe-y although it definitely fits with the rest of the record and music. It’s the band in ski masks posing with weapons in front of a fence, in black and white. Like I said, cringe-y, but, I still like it.

Let’s get to the music though. I mentioned Impetigo before, but it’s probably also worth mentioning Mortician. These are some definite influences on this record – hell, the first song is called “Deadicated Mortician”, haha! Anyway, this is all of the caveman riffs, blast beats, and toilet gurgles that you could ever want. Honestly, I didn’t really get into this until about halfway through. My first thoughts were “eh, this is kinda boring, I’ve heard this before”, but then I caught myself nodding along to the slams in the beginning of “Coffin Fit”, and the rest of it hooked me and I went back for another listen. Everything is solid here, and it keeps a good groove throughout.

If you’re a fan of this type of stuff, definitely check it out. It’s nothing new, but it’s done really well.

Rating: 7.5/10       Fumigated bc

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