Xico Picadinho – Ode Ao Apodrecimento

2018 was a great year for Brazilian grinders Xico Picadinho… Some shows, a lot of rehearsals, but most importantly – a new album. These guys spent two years preparing it and the result is right in my hands. This CD has a good art, maybe not usual for grindcore bands, but it looks cool. As for refill, we have here 7 songs including a Nasum cover. So let’s dig into this “Ode Ao Apodrecimento” album!

First, what my ears caught was a really strong death metal influence. I think I can even use a deathgrind tag here. A lot of the riffs, guitar tone, and long (as for grindcore genre) songs, everything points to death metal. But that’s not a bad thing. Yes some songs are too long and it’s hard to stay focused on it, but there are some grindcore moments that brick monotonous structures, like in “Este Mundo Vai Cair” song. The ending of this release is great, the cover songs sounds very punchy and cool, and I really enjoyed it. 
These guys tried to create something really aggressive and badass, but on my taste this album is a bit boring. Xico Picadinho focused to much on death metal, for example songs like “Bulbo Negro” has no grindcore at all. And in my opinion that is the case. But I believe that metalheads will love this CD!   

Rating: 6.5/10    Xico Picadinho bc    Xico Picadinho fb

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