C.S.S.O. ‎– Vimukti Vimokasa

It’s good to see releases like this one, it helps to remind people about old bands and it helps to present them to new people. C.S.S.O. was (damn! they still are!) a legendary band with unique style and interesting vision of grind. I bet Anatomical Productions considered this fact, and that’s why the tape shell consists of two colors, red and white…I must say it looks fantastic! The new cover art was taken from old horror manga (unfortunately I don’t know which one) and it perfectly fits into bands concept.

These ancient songs were recorded somewhere in 93/94. Side A consists of material from the split 7” with Meat Shits. Side B has all of the songs from the split with Vivisection. But let’s stop swarming around, let’s take a closer look at this noise. First of all, I want to say that this is truly Japanese madness with chaotic, slow/fast structures, and raw sound. Both records have major sameness, but, both are perceived in different ways. All materials has pitch shifted roars, strange guitar solos, and sloppy blast beats. But here are a few differences. The material from Meat Shits split sound more fast and aggressive with rock and roll vibes; these songs have a more fun spirit. On the other hand, songs from the split with the mighty Vivisection have more death metal influences, especially first songs… they are slow and gloomy, but then they turned into really cheerful grind n roll. What can I say, this band is truly weird and cool, haha!
I don’t know if this material was simply taken from vinyls or it was recorded from original master tapes but the final product sounds good. I bet modern grind fans won’t understand this music, haha!     

Rating: 8.5/10


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