Impetigo / Noise Nihilist

This is indeed an unexpected split, and a blast from the past at it’s best – Unbreakable legend Impetigo and Polish (at least one of the guys are from Poland) noisers Noise Nihilist. Some of you may blame the label in trying to get some profit, but that is bullshit. This is just a small present for all old school lovers who are nostalgic for some old tunes. Along with these moldy songs there is cool artwork, bloody red color, a bunch of zombies, and pieces of bodies mounted on stakes. So let’s spin this badass!  

I’ve been listening to metal for longer than I’ve been listening to grind and punk. Impetigo was one of these bands whos turned me into grind world. This is simply iconic and very important grind band in music history. I alway happy when I have a chance to get one more of their releases in my collection, and I don’t even care if this is just a release of some old songs. I take it as a nice flashback and an occasion to re-listening some of the most greatest tracks from this band. So this flexy contains two songs (Dis-Organ-Ized and Bloody Pit Of Horror ) from live recording of Impetigo’s 20th anniversary one-off reunion show at the Central Illinois Metalfest. I immediately recognized first song, I still remember every bass riff in Dis-Organ-Ized song. Stevo’s screams and yelling are so adorable, haha, he put so much atmosphere and emotions in these songs. Dan’s goofy drumming and Mark’s dirty guitar sounds so crazy. Even though it’s a live recording and a lot of elements are lost I have a lot of fun listening this madness.

I heard the name Noise Nihilist but I didn’t have a chance to listen to it. Honestly, I was surprised with such harsh, various, and bright noise mess. Guys mixed some of cool and very dark music tunes from different horror movies with noise. The result sound like wild soundtrack to Japanese bloody horror film or like soundtrack to the end of the world. So I’m very satisfied with this first acquaintance with Noise Nihilist.  

Rating: 8/10

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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