Atskit – Katarsis

Atskit is pretty young band that was formed a few years ago in Indonesia. It’s rare to see a new name in grindcore (I mean new in the Asian part of underground), so it’s cool to have one new unit in the family. Atskit is not so far from tradition grindcore, I feel a strong influence from the new generation of bands like The Arson Project/Afgrund and old one like Rotten Sound. Well, that’s probably all, but it’s stupid to finish the article after a couple of sentences so…

7 songs are fit on this pro-CDr release. The visual side of this debut release is very suitable with Atskit music. Dark colors, death and total control themes + elegant combination of different elements in one image. It’s simply nice and cool. Now let’s talk about the main theme, about noise. First of all, the sound of this small EP, it’s heavy, a bit raw and yeah, it has a lack of dynamics. Musically, it’s old and good grindcore, with blast beats, loud screams and buzzing guitar. Among crust, grindcore riffs, and structures I found some pieces with a black metal feel, which is interesting. There is one thing that I don’t like in “Katarsis”, and that’s the guitar. During sound mixing, someone cluttered it with drums and vocal, you will clearly understand what I mean when you will hear the fast blasting parts of the songs. But that’s not a critical thing.

I must say that this is a good beginning for Atskit, hope that guys will not give up and will grow into something very extreme and brutal, hehe. Oh yes, I want to say FUCK YOU! to Indonesian post office… they fucked up a parcel with this CD so bad, hopefully CDr left in playable condition.

Rating: 7.5/10      Atskit fb

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