Needful Things / Nerve Grind

Haven’t heard anything that will smash your mind just from listening in a while? Well today is your lucky day, because we have a super Grind split for you! This is one totally aggressive tornado of a Grindcore split, at its best.  Performed by two powerful Grindcore units from USA and Czech Republic. You will hear some of the most insane Grind sounds. It’s enough to break even the toughest of noise fans.

It starts off with Czechs grinding machine Needful Things. 4 short songs just smashed me, haha! The production is fantastic: a bit messy but with a very full sound. A real Grindcore-wall of noise is packed with punching energy and endless blast beats. The low chainsaw guitar tone sounds like a lethal weapon, ha! This noise pressure is so, damn, amazing, this short sound attack simply squeezed my brains!    

It ends with Nerve Grind from USA… For the opening theme guys chose a piece of a George Orwell interview. I must say that makes quite a lasting affect, but it’s nothing in comparison to Nerve Grind’s music. I can only describe it as a total explosion of energy. Every second of every song fiercely thrusts itself from the speakers upon the listener like a tsunami! I saw these guys live, and I can only confirm that our boys are very anxious and very angry.

This split is like organized chaos, it overflows with ferocity, you simply won’t find a safe space here.

Rating: 8.5/10    Needful Things fb      Nerve Grind fb

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