Vicious Circle ‎– Born to Destroy

Born to Destroy is the last album (at this moment) of Australian legends Vicious Circle. You won’t find much Punk Rock on this full length. This work stands out with powerful Hardcore vibes and aggression. But, the music is nothing without cool artwork, and I must say that they called the right artist. The front image and design in general looks badass, maybe someone would say that this image is boring and too common, but I don’t really think so. This skull, red colors and smoke are classic, they perfectly represent the music inside.    

The 14 song LP starts fast and strong and ends the same way, much like Vicious Circle over the last 35 years, with no slowing down in site. I like how this band transformed from Punk to strong Hardcore. Also the fact that they still have that spark and so much energy makes me respect these grandpas even more. This album has good lyrics, all of them full of sharp social themes. Song titles such as ‘No Truth To The Dead’, ‘Bleeding Ears’, and ‘Born To Destroy’ reinforce the band’s message is just as important as their music. I found a ton of great and classical Hardcore riffs and tunes. But there is a bad side to this recording as well, it’s production. This vinyl sounds not so cool, the volume is weak and dry without juice + I don’t hear the cymbals. That really sucks, but we have what we have.

Rating: 6/10        bandcamp         facebook

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