Nothing Clean / Art Of Burning Water

We are all perfectly aware that the UK is full of some of the greatest and sickest bands, simply take a look at this small split. This 7” is like a small clot of uncontrollable energy and hatred, honestly I was really surprised. I know that this release was pressed 2 year ago, but, seriously I dont give a fuck, because this is a blast. It deserves a review in GGGG, so…

First band in order is Nothing Clean. A band that could make your blood boil and push you into moshpit. Fast, short and furious, this is the type of music that you would want to listen over and over again. Riffs are simple too, guitar tone is classically thrashy with buzzing vibes. Bass is barely audible and is moreso a shadow in the background. The drums are a great, speed, loudness everything is here. And of course this hysterical yelling type of vocals perfectly fits into this swarming hyperspeed Hardcore. All in all, I definitely enjoyed their part of the split a lot. It is quite catchy, great for headbanging and for moshing.

Art Of Burning Water is more chaotic and gloomiy than their friends from NC. Indeed their music has a much darker and suffocating atmosphere (but this only applies to the first two songs). Speed and slow tunes are overlap one another, creating violente, bizarre psychedelic vibrations.. Then we get to the last track, which is really bright and full of cheerful energy, all because it’s a cover of the legendary Negative Approach. I think it’s a good ending for this raging split.

Rating: 9/10        Nothing Clean fb      Art Of Burning Water fb

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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