Cum Sock / Sebum Excess Production

I got this CDr with a bunch of others in a parcel from Whisky Warfare Records.I must say I was really excited to listen to it, because both names are familiar to me so I had a good feeling about it when I put this disc into my player. But I was disappointed, and here is why.

I reviewed Cum Sock before, I remember that that material was full of joy and silly moments. So I expected to hear something like that… unfortunately, it didn’t happen like that. Please try to understand, this material isn’t bad… Guitar sounds good, vocals are loud, and goofy drums are nice… but I didn’t feel the fun I felt before when I listened to it. Seems that these guys made their without fun and pleasure they had before. I think that’s why this material sound like that… 

Brazilian Gore maniacs from Sebum Excess Production are so active, it seems that they are trying to beat Agathocles, haha! This is their 19th (in just a few years!) release. I’ve heard a lot of their noise, old and new and must say that this recording session is not the best one. Most of the tracks are slow without that certain spark and energy. Yeah, the snare sound is good and pitch-shifted roars are ok. There were a few good tracks when the guys tried to play as fast as LDOH, but that’s all. Generally this work sounds bland too…

Rating: 6/10     Cum Sock fb         Sebum Excess Production bc

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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