Agathocles / Capital Scum

This LP is a monument for 2 veteran bands from Belgium. All together they have more than 60 years of experience. They’ve been making Noise that pisses off your neighbors since the 80’s.
I don’t really get the meaning of this cover art, but it looks awesome, especially with the orange vinyl it holds. Power it Up proves to us that they know how to make good looking releases once again. I’m honestly excited to hear the noise, so let’s open this Punk Pandora’s box!      

Capital Scum is playing the same way they always have, with all the attributes intact. Nothing has changed since their first recording, and I think it’s cool, especially for the Punk genre. 6 angry songs just full of old school fun! Great sound of the bass, super simple and catchy riffs. Loud drumming, pissed off vocals that spit lyrics fueled with hate. Every ingredient of the old recipe is here. Yeah, maybe this recording session is not so furious like the first album but it is still great!

Agathocles comes out swinging with 8 songs, which were recorded between 16-18 years ago. This material sounds raw, I mean pleasantly raw. It’s easily recognizable and hard to forget the brand and style of these guys. Brain melting riffs, super simple structures and nihilistic songs. Despite the fact that the songs were recorded in different periods and in different studios the final product sounds amazing as a whole piece! Half of these songs are so punky, they are really good for a bar fight soundtrack, haha! 

Rating: 8/10        Agathocles fb       Capital Scum fb

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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