Cystoblastosis / Cystgurgle

What could be better than 2 great bands on one tape? We have a really cool example of great gore material from different corners of our planet: Cystoblastosis from Russia and Cystgurgle from Thailand. The photos used on the front cover caused me some disgust, haha! The noise on this tape are the same level of ugly and nasty as its cover art. This is a small tape full of putrid tunes and fun, believe me, this shit could surprise you. So let me start from the Russian part of this release…

From the very first few seconds I understand that this material will melt me. They managed to create deep and heavy sound. Everything sounds a lot better than their debut album. Snare sound is high, every beat of it hits straight to the brain. Chainsaw guitar tone, low and super creepy pitch shifted vocals… Everything has a new level here. This is the best work of Cystoblastosis so far.

The Cystgurgle side is full of maggots and rot. This noise has interesting drum tone and super distorted vocals. Together with messy guitar sound, this weird putrid mix sounds bloody good. Blast beat by blast beat the duo destroys everything in their path. The combination of slow and hyperspeed parts are really cool. This is simply savage gore for die-hard fans!

Rating: 8/10    Cystoblastosis bc     Cystgurgle bc

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