New video from Depopulation Department!

We present you a new lyric video from Depopulation Department! A new super band from Spain features members of Haemorrhage and Avulsed! The album will be out soon at Spikerot Records! 

Release date is set for September 27th.
Recorded at La Casa Del Ruido Studios by Dani Blanco, mixed by Luisma himself and
mastered at Toxic Basement Studio by Carlo Altobelli. Cover artwork by Sick66 Graphix.

About ‘Life Kills’ Luisma said:

“What we like the most about this EP is that it sounds fresh. We made the songs just to have fun and to unleash all the Punk music we’ve always had in our hearts. We felt no pressure whatsoever and we didn’t even know which direction our music would have taken. Just pure fun. Punk, Crust, Hardcore, call it whatever you prefer but we are proud of what we came up with. Although we weren’t worried about the musical direction we had a clear idea about the lyrics instead. Each one of us were/is involved mostly in Grind and Death Metal bands so we used to sing about Gore, monsters, demons and so on. This time we just wanted to express our feelings towards the sick world we live in, that’s why entitled it ‘Life Kills’. There are songs dealing with things we see everyday: war, corruption, violence against women, animals, etc… Anti-everything!!!”

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