Sneezing Pus / Vomi Noir

Funny fact I didn’t know about the existence of this split, until the moment when everything was ready and all of the labels got their copies. This is my failure as an underground journalist and I admit it, haha! So we have here a real gore release, I mean that this highly concentrated nasty poison will pleasantly melt the brains of the listeners. Both bands play in their own style and that makes this split very interesting and spicy. So let me introduce them… First is a new name in our putrid family – Sneezing Pus. This band is Spanish/Dutch collab that is making Noise with vibes of old underground Grind. Band number 2 are my old buddies from France – Vomi Noir, who are playing old school Gore with some fresh touches. Both of the logos and the cover art were made by super talented Pierre De Palmas who’s the boss of Braindead Zine and the guitar player in Vomi Noir. I guess this is more than enough of an introduction, so let’s put this piss yellow vinyl on my old player. 

From the very beginning I caught original riff style from Noel (Boneyard, Gruesome Stuff Relish). I can recognize his catchy tunes even being bloody drunk, haha! From the first listen I recognize that this music is similar to his old projects but it’s only the first opinion. Just dig deeper and you will find a lot of adorable moments from the golden era of Grind. All 3 songs have good production, sound is raw in good way, material is unboring and it also has a great cemetery atmosphere. What else do you need for a good horror/gore release?

French black vomit is really sticky. It envelops you and squeezes you slowly… These tunes are so amazing! Fast, dirty, raw and aggressive – Gore the way it should be. Pure wall of rotten sound and speed riffs. The simplicity of Vomi Noir songs has me hooked. I really like how the blast beats, bass vibrations, guitar tone and distorted vocasl are combined. It’s hard to describe this music, you should simply feel it!     

Rating: 9/10    Sneezing Pus fb          Vomi Noir fb

You can get a physical copy from the bands

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