Street Feet – Diminished Capacity (Rat Mix Records)

Have you ever found a record that’s hard to listen to, not because it’s bad, but because it’s so punishing that you can only handle it in small doses? Have you ever had to take a break before flipping that record, even though it’s a 7 inch? If you haven’t might I highly suggest you check out Diminished Capacity by Street Feet.

Now – to be clear – everything above is the highest of compliments. What this crew from Birmingham, New York brings us is an absolutely brutal grindcore release. It starts with a bit of a slow burn with a long sample at the beginning, but once it starts, it doesn’t stop until they’ve run out of wax. The drums are so solid, with some really impressive changes in timing, pacing, and tempo that lay a foundation for everything else. The strings are perfectly abrasive and relentless, and a whirling dervish of riffs that just scream chaos. Let’s not forget the vocals, either. They seem tortured and pained, and are just as non-stop as the rest of the crew.

Street Feet is a truly powerful sounding band; it’s been a long time since I’ve really felt something in grindcore that has this kind of chaotic and frenzied abuse on my ears. It almost reminds me of black metal, or that dissonant space death metal kinda thing. But it’s not – this is absolutely grindcore, and damn it’s good.

Score: 9    Street Feet bc       Street Feet fb

review by Nick Vecellio

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