Gore / Visceral 666

“In the name of vomit and blood! In the name of loud noise and gore!” That’s what must be written on the title side of this nasty digi-pack, ha! I was really surprised when I opened a parcel and found this split. Bloody red colors, creepy art and gorgeous, almost, transparent CD. Now, speaking of the music. I guess that both bands are reserved only for really die hard maniacs of extreme music. I bet you will ask me why? Well, it is so disgusting, so filthy, so rude and obscure that I think that some of the fans of more soft sound can feel pushed away by such noise. But! Who cares?

So this split release is pretty short, we’re going to listen to 3 songs from each band. The first 3 tracks belong to Brazilian legends Gore. “The Morbid Anomalies Collection” starts with a long horror movie sample, I guess it goes for about half a minute or something, then the real execution begins. All of these songs were created in one style so I don’t see a need to talk about each of the 3. This music is sick, it consists of low and messy pitch shifted vocals, buzzing guitar and highlighted drum sound. This gore has it own style but there are also moments when I actually notice a similarity between Gore and old Squash Bowels!

I had never heard about the Colombian band Visceral 666 before now… This is damn raw noise. I will be honest this is not the  kind of Grind that I like. This gorey Deathgrind is a bit cheezy and boring (but it’s only my opinion). The guitar sound is not so terrible but the drums are too sloppy. Only one thing that I like here is the boiling vomiting vocals, and unfortunately that’s all I can say about this band… 

Rating – Gore: 7.5/10     Visceral 666: 5/10

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