Haggus / Orkpack

It’s hard to surprise our readers with a new review of a fresh Haggus split. That crazy duo is really productive. This time we have a split with Russian band Ӧrkpack, that is interesting because I’ve never heard about them before and it’s always good to put a fresh noise in my player. After listening to this split a few times  in a row I can clearly say that both bands are really different, so this small release has a nice music contrast. I can’t help but write about such cool and funny cover art too. That Orc from Warhammer 40k looks badass! Wooaaargh, hahaha!

The band on the A side is Haggus. They attack the listeners with their infamous brand of Mincegore tunes. The simplicity in their songs are catchy,  and the riffs are so simple, it makes it easy to remember this noise. However I can’t say that this is the best stuff from these Oakland psychos. I didn’t feel the fire in these songs, looks like they made these tracks because they promised to make them. But this is not their worst material, it’s just not so juicy and goofy like songs from their split with Agathocles or from their recent album…

9 songs from Orkpack are located on the B side. These Russians aren’t bad, they have their own style. Also it’s not fast music, it reminds me of a strange mix of old Crust Punk, Mincecore and Metal. The music has an interesting “recorded in a basement” quality. Riffs are simple, guitar solos too… But I wish there was a little bit more power and speed in these songs. On my taste it’s a little bit slow, I feel that they can do better. I wish Orkpack luck, I know that next time their stuff will be much better.

Rating: 7/10    Haggus fb        Ӧrkpack bc

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