Himura – Alerta Biológica

The Spanish extreme music scene is full of cool bands. Now I’m currently holding the third album of Deathgrinders Himura. First off I want to highlight the main theme of this LP, gloomy end of the human race – what can be better? After a few times listening through,  I can clearly say that these guys stayed true to their style, the whole album sounds pretty similar to their previous work “Exterminio”. But, that’s not a bad thing, sometimes I like a monumental position, without switching between styles and genres. So let’s unpack this vinyl and put it on my ancient turntable…   

First what stuck in my ears was the sound, damn, it has nice deep vibrations with clear heavy sound. Musically Himura focuses mostly on the Death Metal aspect of their music (the songs clearly have more death metal influence than grindcore). The songs are quite well written, and moments of grind-intrusions strike me like a mule kick. Instrumentally these Spanish sickos are pretty skillful, every unit playing very well, there are no mistakes, but for me (as a Grindcore fan) it’s a bit too perfect. I believe that’s why many of these songs sound a bit boring and similar. Sometimes I felt that I wanted to hear more rot and punk in these tunes.

This isn’t  a bad album. If you’re fan of modern Death Metal go ahead and listen to “Alerta Biológica”, but if you’re more into Grindcore music, you would be better off skipping this LP.

Rating: as death metal 7.5/10    facebook page
Rating: as grindcore 5/10          bandcamp page

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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