Resonance Cascade – No Grind = No Fun

Maybe you haven’t seen the name of Resonance Cascade on gig posters recently, but this Swedish Grind brigade is still alive. This tape became a surprise to me, shame on me but I totally forgot about this wonderful act. So it was super cool to find their tape in my mailbox. After some research I found that this release contains all of the material that RxCx has recorded over the years. But this is not a shitty “oh no, it’s another compilation tape”, the first demo work was remixed and the vocals were also re-recorded. I believe it’s the most important and interesting part of this tape and I will tell you about it a little bit later. I like cover art of this cutie, they used an image from an old horror movie “the Beyond”, and I must say it looks brutal, ha! But this small thing not only looks brutal, it has appropriate sound…

We have here 18 songs of fast, furious Grindcore. From the very first few seconds you will recognize the brand of the Swedish style: sound, boiling energy and unstoppable pressure. This new old demo surprised me a lot. In comparison with the old version, the new one has a more robust and juicy sound, better vocal and it feels more alive. It’s really great. The guys really did give this old material a new life! Blast beats, guitar riffs, low bass sounds everything sounds like I never heard this stuff before.
As for the second part of this tape… Looks like the songs are from Järnbörd are without any major changes. All 9 sound wild, with high speed a nice riffing. I don’t want to be rude, but after that phenomenal re-issue of the debut demo, I`d better off rewinding this side,  and going back over to side A.

Rating: 8/10       bandcamp          facebook

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!


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