Prisoner 639 / Throw Me In The Crater

This is really great flashback! 100% nasty release with slow and ugly tunes. I must say that I was surprised to find this 7 inch in the parcel from Vleesklak Records, because I thought that stuff was sold out years ago. The cover art is depicting an old photo of early Halloween costumes. Must say these creepy looking kids perfectly match the ugly tunes inside of that 7”… Speaking of which, let’s drop this record on the turntable.   

Prisoner 639 surprised me with their ground-shaking tremors of down tuned bass guitar. These Belgian freaks are usually fast, but with this recording session they showed us their slow side. I really like how skillfully mix Powerviolence with Sludge and Noisecore, the result sounds really savage. I know the production of this material is not brilliant, but all of the songs sound honest, with pure energy and rot. That is the X factor for Prisoner 639, because of that this shit is damn catchy and groovy.       

Netherlands band Throw Me In The Crater prepared for us more classic Sludge. It takes a lot of influence from Grief, early Eyehategod, 13 etc. The entire song “Mount Tambora ” is sick, this track full of hate, pain and sorrow. I like the way the frontman spits the lyrics, I bet he was really angry when he recorded it. Slow and heavy guitar tunes creep into your brain, they put you in a weird trance. The sound of the cymbals is very close to the sound of spring thunder… and all together these parts make really nasty and atmospheric music.  

Rating: 8/10        Prisoner 639 bc     Throw Me In The Crater fb

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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