Captain Three Leg / Corpse Eater

If you love old school noise you might have heard about these bands. Captain Three Leg from the USA and Corpse Eater from Germany… What I want to say ahead of time, is that these bands are very similar and different at the same time. Short songs, violent power, same spirit but both of them have their own vision about the Noise they make. Also this split could be marked as something lost a few decades ago and found only now. It’s really interesting how such music sounds nowadays, especially in comparison with modern bands 😉

So the openers are C3L from Iowa. 5 minutes of this mess contains 41 songs. It really reminds me Anal Cunt haha, but C3L have different vocals and much clearer sound. Short, funny, these stupid songs sound fresh and exciting. I really love how the yelling vocals fit with fast drums and messy guitar, all together they create a really wild atmosphere. And yes this cover art is so adorable, haha it makes me smile everytime when I look at it.

Corpse Eater has the same structures but it sounds more dirty (which I like). All 34 songs are full of putrid vomit, messy guitar and (fuck) real drums (finally). I listened to this side 5 times in a row and must say that some moments remind me of old perverted band Meat Shits. This music is an awesome mix of rawness, furious speed and savage vocals. Can’t say much about the riffs because I simply can’t recognize them, haha. 
So if you are a fan of old Noisecore music you should definitely check this small CD out.

Rating: 8/10        C3L bc        Corpse Eater bc

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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