Tomb Warden/Hit-Run Drivers/Bruised Ego/Street Feet

One of the things I really love about grindcore is that sampler 7 inches like this can exist and not be fucking painful to sit through. Can you imagine sitting through a doom metal four way split? I think I’d be asleep before I had to flip the thing. But with grind…it’s like ordering the sampler appetizer at a shitty bar. Yes, I DO want onion rings, and buffalo wings, and mozz sticks, and whatever the fuck else you want to throw on there. Deep fried grindcore, please.

Our first greasy bit of fried grindcore comes from Tomb Warden from Virginia. If you’ve been a follower of GGGG for a while, you’ll probably already know these guys. This three piece got a rave review of their last 7 inch, “Reflection of the Mistake”, and this material doesn’t disappoint after that. I love how these guys change pace on a dime; there’s such little effort between blasts and skanks and mincing that keeps up a sick groove. The production sounds great – vocals are deep and growling, guitar is ballsy, and the snare is in your face. The one thing that gets me here is the end of their last track – it seems like it’s going to build up into a sick blast moment, but it’s just ends in a ring-out. You cock teases! Lucky for us, that tease leads right into…

…Hit-Run Drivers from Maine. This is a one man mincegore machine has been consistently putting out solid material, and again, this doesn’t disappoint. If you blink, you’ll miss it – but if you’re paying attention, what you’ll get is 110 seconds of gore-y guttural shity vocals, some thick guitar grooves, and those pounding, mincing drums. Chad knows what he’s about, and he does it really fucking well. It’s well paced, and well composed (did I just say composed to talk about grindcore tracks?), and is just a relentless blast that’s probably going to make you check out the rest of his catalog. Fans of Haggus and Agathocles are going to love this shit.

Alright – flip that record – it’s time for Bruised Ego. Admittedly, this is the only band on the split that I hadn’t heard prior to this split; but, now I have another discography to listen to. This three piece powerviolence crew from Baltimore wastes none of their time on this split. They come right out with a stop-start blast madness full of pissed off vocals, and that frantic pace-changing that you’d expect from a PV group. I love this shit – clocking in at 95 seconds, I need to go find more to listen to. The guitar sound is brittle and piercing (and I mean that in the best way), the drums are boomy, and the vocals are pissed. For me, this makes a perfect PV combo, and I’m a fan.

Last and certainly not least – Street Feet. This is another 3 piece, this time grinding out of Binghamton NY (home of Rapid Decay Fest, and 2019 is the sickest lineup for a grind fest that I’ve ever seen). Street Feet starts right in with a 3 pop on the snare, and is just relentless after that. The drummer is absolutely insane, the guitar player busts out some punishing tremolo riffs, and frankly, I’m surprised the vocalist made it out of this recording without their lungs on the floor. These guys go all out on these two punishing tracks, it’s just pissed off in-your-face grind. Check out their split with Hallucination Realized, it might just kill you.

The people over at Fake Crab killed it with this release. They picked four bands that are all sick on their own, and together make for a brutal four way. Typically, I’d rate each band separately and the comp as a whole, and I don’t give out perfect scores. But fuck it, you do the math.

Rating: 10/10      Tomb Warden bc    Hit-Run Drivers bc   Bruised Ego bc   Street Feet bc

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review by Nick Vecellio

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