Deaftrap – Demo

Here we go again another debut work another good and noisy tape. I bet that last year was really good for the German scene, there were so many different ep’s, splits and albums, I’m just speechless. As you may have noticed Deaftrap is from Germany too. When I saw this cassette at first I was by the surprised. It was so simple, there was not any drawing or collage, just a logo and few words. So my first thought was “what a mysterious tape”. So the only logical way to figure everything out was to put this stuff in my player. Which I did…  

5 quite punchy songs… slow, groovy and heavy intro. These guys chose the right song to open this debut, because “Nine Circles” is damn angry, ha! Song by song Deaftrap send more and more noise into my ears, some songs were better than others, but in general this material is great. I like how they transformed usual slow/fast structures. Some slow parts sound so gloomy. This material is more groove oriented and more focused on hitting hard and breaking things down. There’s a balance between drawn out, sludge-heavy movements and tracks where the tempo rides away on high speed tones. Everything ends with the very atmospheric and dark song “The Void”…  

Deaftrap manage to do  nice work ,they made strong metal fueled Hardcore with a lot of Powerviolence and Sludge moments.

Rating: 7.5/10        Deaftrap fb       Deaftrap bc

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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