Agathocles / Eristetyt

Release by release we are trying to show you how wide and different our underground is. Today I will tell you about a 7 inch with two old and honored bands. On the left side of the scale we have Agathocles, on the right side Eristetyt. Let’s listen to what these grandpas prepared for us 😉

After more than 30 years, Agathocles still knows how to write strong and direct music. These 3 songs are ironclad proof of it. The ominous vibrations and pure fun will pierce your brain. In my opinion these songs were written in a bit of different style. These tracks are aggressive and good, but they have none of the usual savage stench like classic AG songs and I really like it. This material has a very recognizable Hardcore Punk base, so this noise sounds cheerful and crazy. In my opinion it’s one of their best splits from this last year.

Eristetyt is one more legend. These Finish Punks know how to make kickass music. Their music is full of punching energy, their lyrics full of protest. Together with sloppy drums, fast and buzzing guitar and loud yelling we have a really nice portion of moldy and crusty Punk. But most of all I like the honesty of this noise. After listening to “Kokonaan Pois” or “Natsiapara 2016” a few times, you will understand that these tunes were made by real Punks, and not hipsters that are trying to mimic Punks.   

Rating: 8/10          Agathocles fb        Eristetyt fb

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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