Tu Carne / Gruesome Stuff Relish

Finally a really bizarre split in my mailbox! I must say that this split is massive, two old and legendary Grind squads from Spain on one CD. Grind freaks should be horny about this release, haha! This CD has a pretty cover, I really like the idea behind this art. Someone used 2 posters from old spanish horror movies and transformed them into concept art for each of the bands. So if you are familiar with Spanish Gore movies you will be really pleased with this classic look. Well yes.. there are only 5 songs in total and 10 minutes of sound, BUT this stuff will blow off and eat your flesh, haha!  

The first pack of songs belong to Tu Carne. This band is damn famous the world over for their perverted albums, haha! But this new material is more conceptual and dedicated to old Gore times. Even the beginning of “Atentamente El Verdugo” has something similar to Impetigo songs. Songs are fast, dynamic with cool sound. I also enjoy the production in general… But I think, the main and unique thing in Tu Carne is their vocals. A bit distorted, loud growls with spanish lyrics… it sounds very evil, ha! 

Gruesome Stuff Relish starts with a classic move, a sample from a horror movie. This helps to prepare the listener and immerse him in the right atmosphere. This band could be recognized from the very first few riffs, their brand of sound and riffing are very catchy and memorable. We have here 3 battle hymns about nasty and evil things, actually each of the titles is the name of a movie or novel. This perfectly shows us that GSR are horror nerds, ha! So each of these tracks has slow and blasting moments, the guys are trying to keep a good balance between good evil atmosphere and fast smashing tunes. I must admit they do that easily, that’s why I really enjoyed this audio horror.

Rating: 8/10    Tu Carne fb          Gruesome Stuff Relish fb 

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