Suffering Quota – Life In Disgust

Life In Disgust is the second proper full-length from this band. Twelve dizzying tracks of crashing, blasting madness. Those that have heard their previous material will notice a light change, in my opinion, this material is more mature and technically a bit more skilled. Of course you should know that Suffering Quota is playing more than just Grindcore. Actually there is a very tiny trace of classic Grindcore and that’s all. Well I don’t want to dismember their style, let’s call this dark, furious and fast music. But, the music is not the only thing that has elements from the old times, the cover art looks very classical. Even printed this painting looks real, I almost feel all these irregularities and smears of paint, are just WOW! What a great and unusual design, well done boys!

The production is cool, sound is clear enough and it’s not dry. It has a good dynamic and lots of energy. After the first few riffs everything collapses into all-out madness.The guitar sound is really dense and heavy. All the material is super punchy because of the blast beats, which are a good 70% of the drum tracks. The rest of the time it is nice and sick d-beat stuff. As I said before this album sounds pretty dark, its atmosphere has no happiness or fun. The end of this LP is really mind blowing, Suffering Quota used a fragment of the last interview of George Orwell (yeah you might say that is not too original, but fuck it). And that was like the last nail in the coffin, damn!

Rating: 8/10        Suffering Quota fb

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