Forest Hum (14.06.19)

Hello! Vanya, as far as I know, Forest Hum was formed on Afonia’s fossils. So you decided to continue playing and create something new? Where does Forest Hum come from?

Hey, mate! I and and dudes from AFONIA were growing up and were playing deferent kind of music together in Ural neat little town with the name Asha. I moved to St. Petersburg only in 2015, at that time, Afonia had already broken up to that moment, and our guitarist and drummer made some new music stuff. Once I also came to rehearsal, took the microphone and began to grimace and shout something like (die, bastards, die, shit, violence, etc.) and everyone was having fun and we decided to start up the new project – FOREST HUM. Before I played only guitar and drums and had no idea that the first time after rehearsals I would speak in a whisper. Ha Ha Ha. There is the rather big difference between our stuff and AFONIA’s. Our music is more punk rock, yes, it’s punk rock with blast beats. This is so, because we had decided to play more melodic and at the same time more powerful music. Something like that 😉

Although you’re a young band, you have already have a few releases and you’ve already toured Europe few times. In the end of 2018 you released a new EP “Privilege” – could you tell us a bit about this newcomer? 

Yes, we don’t sit idly by. We immediately began to write songs and actively give the shows. In addition to gigs in Russia, we were on 2 tours in Europe. our songs touch upon the issues of ecology, animal protection and other issues that are really important, in our opinion. All songs of this EP are also dedicated to human indifference, immeasurable consumption and irresponsibility. We shot a video for the song with the same name “Privilege”, which reflects the message of all EP.

Speaking about the trips – I know that you have some plans for this summer. What parts of Europe do you want to visit? 

This summer we are going to play gig in Finland only and in the autumn we are gonna be on tour (northern countries of Europe).

What do you like the most about touring and what is the worse thing about these long journeys?

Well, tour is a adventure, and adventure is always cool. Most of all we like to share the stage with cool bands, to visit new places, to get acquainted with the architecture and new people, to eat delicious food and drink good alcohol. You know, in Russia food is not so tasty and alcohol is shit. The worst things in Euro tours I think – the price of gasoline, toll roads and fines. Ha ha ha. Everything else is cool.

Ivan, up to you, which Russian grind bands are the best and why?

In Russia there’re not so many badass bands, but several groups exist I like Fitcage, Chronic Waste, MAMA, Миша!, Set It Raw, Miroed. These are good bands and cool people. We know most of them personally and have shared the stage not once.

Your clip on song “Privilege” shows us you strong position in animal rights protection. There are more and more people who are trying to protect mindless vanishing of animal species and that is great. But what do you think about the whole situation? Could we save them? As far as I know Japan started to hunt whales, again…

This problem is really important, and not only for us of for small group of people, but for all people. And it’s difficult to give a response can we change something just a little. But if nobody was talking about ugly things like slavery, genocide, etc., then nothing would have changed. We see that nowadays there are many things which are the results of cave thinking, but little by little it’s getting better.

Maybe 😉 All of us are the products of our cultures and we can’t run away from this shit, but we have to try again and again. There are too many fucking traditions, and most of them are fucking crap.

Ivan, if you could change something in the world what would it be?

It would be nice to change the human attitude to themselves and to the whole planet. Now when people talk about the planet as a HOME – it’s fucking meaningless bullshit. Almost no one is responsible for anything. It sounds cliché but all changes begin with this.

Do you remember when you heard grind at first? In what age and what band was that? 

As I said before we are from the small Ural town, where there was no Internet and there were 2 channels on TV. And if we talk about music and some subcultural stuff – it was deficit. But some music we could find in the nearest big city (100 km from us) and we had a market stall where the adult guy was selling metal tapes). I think it was Cannibal Corpse, I can’t remember the age.

I heard 2 of your eps and 1 split, but what about a full length? I know some band that don’t want to record albums, but what about Forest Hum? 

Well, mate, we don’t want to record long play albums too. For us EP is the most reasonable way to share our music stuff with people. This format is the most convenient for people in our opinion. And listener can check all songs out from the first to the last in short period of time.

Sometimes it’s very difficult to check all music stuff out in one time, even if you have been waiting for that album for a long time. And you realize that the band has spent a lot of time (and money) for the writing and recording music, and it’s quite sad, that people can’t spend enough time for listening, because the life rhythm was changed. Despite the stuff is awesome. EP is much more better in this case, especially if the band plans to release Eps often.

As far as I know, your current drummer lives in Sweden. How does that affect your band? Will you keep working with him? Or maybe you want to move from your county too? 

Dude, it’s a hard question. Of course the drummer’s moving have affected the band’s life, but we are trying to find the solving of this problem. But now situation is unclear. But Forest Hum is gonna play forever 🙂

What is your main goal as a band? What do you want to tell people with your music/lyrics? 

You know, music binds people, and we, as a group, just want to give a cool show and give away our music and enjoy it. Our lyrics just shows our social and ethical position, our views of the world. It’s very unlikely that we will change something by our songs, because people who listen to our music mostly have the similar views, so it’s only a tool of communication at the moment.

Oh buddy our bottle is empty and it means it’s time to call it a night. Thanks for the chat. Final words are on you.

Listen to good music, support the local scene, take care and love nature!!! The most important – stay reasonable people! Thanks a lot for cold drinks and warm conversation! In grind we trust)))

Contacts: Forest Hum fb    /    Forest Hum bc



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