Obscene Extreme Festivals special (11.06.19)

Every year OEF continues to gather more people from all over the world. From the 3rd till 7th of July, fans of Extreme Music will skip their day jobs, and they will leave harsh world of reality behind, in the name of grind and friendship! Good food, good music and the perfect location for fun, what else do Grind heads need? So we couldn’t avoid asking a few of the bands from this year line up about the festival and some other important things. Grab a beer and enjoy this light but entertaining read!

Siege official page

Hello, Robert ! How’s it going? Do you guys think you’ve practiced enough and are ready for this long trip?

RW/SIEGE: These SIEGE ‘Special Events’ have been happening since 2016 – and we’ve been to some pretty faraway places since that time. Of course, nothing as freaky and monumental as Obscene Extreme, which I’m sure everyone out there reading this will agree is the concert of a fucking lifetime. No, the hard thing was playing those Tuesday nights for pizza money back when we were teenagers when everybody thought this music was noise. So to be together with the international punk and metal family now is an amazing honor.

2019 is the last year of existence for SIEGE. With no doubt, in the last year you guys have made huge waves on the underground scene once again. I bet a lot of people want to see your show for the last time and shake your hand. So – can you give us some details about this year’s gigs?

RW/SIEGE: Well, we’re being joined on stage by Ben Barnett, from Dropdead, so the sound is fucking huge. We’re playing small clubs near SIEGE’s hometown, and in Providence Rhode Island, before Obscene Extreme, because the punk family and the art scene in both of those places have been so good to us. But really – it’s the response of the fans – from ALL generations and subgenres of the extreme musick scenes – who have united and exploded during these savage celebrations of SIEGE’s music that have made it possible to keep going. And I doubt 2019 is the ‘last year for SIEGE’ as you’ve said. After all, my heroes in the Who have retired – dozens of times.  

Obscene Extreme is a big deal for any band – so what do you expect from this show?

RW/SIEGE: I expect a week of deafening grindcore debauchery. I’m psyched to see some of my favorite bands, too. Any time you have a combination of costumes and slam dancing it’s a good time. On the other hand – SIEGE take what we do very very fucking seriously, so we have prepared to burn people’s faces off.

What are your opinions of how extreme music has grown since SIEGE started out?

RW/SIEGE: Well, I’m of the opinion there has always been sick interesting and challenging musick out there – just reach deeper underground! But most rock groups never transcend the limitations of their genre. And if you’re playing live and it sounds exactly like your album, well that’s just boring. I feel the future of this shit is to mix free jazz, and grindcore.

Thank You for this small talk. It was an absolute pleasure to have you sit down with us. Is there any final parting piece of wisdom you can pass on to us and our readers?

RW/SIEGE:  ‘Creatives’, punks, freaks – never ever fucking let go of your dream. I stand with you forever. And to tomorrow’s grindcore musicians I say – consider saying and singing something meaningful, beyond early mere ‘shock value’. The world situation calls for something lyrically serious and challenging right now.


Noisem official page

Greeting boys! Hope you’re doing good. Let’s start with the first question. What do you know about Czech Republic and OEF?  

Yo homie! We’re doin fine. I know OEF is a crazy fuckin time that I’ve wanted to experience since I was a little kid, like 11-12 years old. Have never been across the Atlantic so very excited!

Noisem covered a lot of cities, you’ve played so many gigs. What is pushing you to go on these longs trips? And what is the most memorable of your adventures?

We tour because life would suck without it. Travelling and partying and Makin new friends all over is a great fuckin feeling. It’s hard to say what the most memorable thing we’ve done is. Mostly because I can’t remember a lot of it.

How many releases have you guys done now, and are the any details you can give us about new stuff?

We just released our third LP, which we are currently on tour supporting. I can’t get specific about more new stuff but there are a few things in the works!

That`s all my friends, make sure to prepare a few fresh pairs of pants for OEF. Will see you in the pit!

Rodan all day. My boy always has Godzilla’s back Mothra be hella flakey sometimes.


Repulsion official page


Hello mr Scott, it`s damn nice that you agreed to waste your time and answer our questions. So how’s it going? Did you change the strings on your bass guitar already? Are you ready?

I rarely change strings on my bass. New strings are twangy and twangy bass tones suck! We will be ready to rock like fuck at OEF!

In 2015 the German band Blood played all songs from their epic Impulse To Destroy album. So I’m curious maybe you will repeat that experience and play all of “Slaughter Of The Innocent”?

Well, Repulsion only have one album so don’t expect any surprises! There is a high level of certainty that the set will feature all of your favorites!

Could you tell us a bit about the Repulsion line up for OEF?

Most importantly, the lineup consists of Repulsion co-founder and my friend of over 40 years, Matt Olivo on guitar. We are joined by the great Chris Moore on drums. He is a grind-blasting, sick maniac behind the kit and Repulsion sounds better than ever with Chris holding down the beat. Lastly, you have yours truly on bass and angry old man vocals.

What was the inspiration behind the birth of Repulsion? Was there any one specific thing?

Repulsion was inspired by many things. Different elements. Horror films, comic books, the horrors of war, the threat of nuclear catastrophe, rock and roll bands from Kiss to Hellhammer and everything in between. The most direct musical influences are obviously the more extreme bands of the time period (82-86) like Plasmatics, Discharge, Hellhammer, Slaughter, Slayer, etc.

And the last questions for today. You’ve played so many shows and you know how to be  prepared for good live sets. So what are your guidelines for a successful party?

All we need for a successful party is a good natured, open minded audience who are ready to get rowdy with the girls and boys! We like to be close to the audience and it seems that OEF will give us that environment. I expect it to be a very good time!


Rot official page

HI Alex, thanks for this small chat. so you`re going to Europe with two bands right? Tell us a bit about you other band Cruel Face.

Hi Alex, thanks for this interview. yeah, right two bands, ROT and CRUEL FACE. From June the 20th till July 06th will be playing w/ Cruel Face, crust/ grind tunes, fast songs. We´re going to run over Germany, Holland, Belgium and Czech. We just released a split ep w/ GURO, another Brazilian band. Our last concert in Europe will be at OEF, where Rot plays too.

How old were you when you started listening to extreme music? And what was the first Heavy Album you purchased?

Extreme music i was 17/18. first heavy metal album was Motorhead- Iron Fist and Black Sabbath – Born Again.

In your opinion, how does the music industry (I’m mostly referring to mainstream music) affect the underground bands?

To make songs and make gigs, it doesn´t affect at all. now, when you want to press your material… then it´s starts to put aside, pressing plants have to pay more attention for the big money they are investing and so on.

Did you prepare a special set-list for this years party at OEF?

Cruel Face no. it´s our first time in Europe and we don´t have too many things released overthere so it´s going to be the usual set list. rot prepared a cool 31 songs set list. some old tunes that we don´t play often. It´s old school w/ our new songs too! i´m having lots of fun practicing for sure.

And the last shot. Do you have any records in the works? OEF is a really great place to present a new EP/album or just new songs

Cruel Face no! ROT will have some copies of CRUEL FACE OF LIFE repress. hope it gets ready in time.


Cryptic Void official page

Hello Frank! What kind of void will you be bringing to OEF?

Well this year at oef we will be bringing our five asses and 13 new songs that we have never played live before and also playing new songs for splits with FID and COGNIZANT. Unfortunately we won’t have much music for sale as releasing records is a long drawn out process.  However soon we hope to get these records released.

Do you have your own recipe for curing a hangover? Because at OEF you’re risking having way  too much fun.

Haha. Yeah! Tons of weed, food, and water. Pacing ones self is the key here. I should be careful personally, because once my good friend Peter supplied my old band with some homemade plum brandy and I cringe to this day every time I think about it.

Correct me if I’m wrong but didn`t you start to write a new album? Anyway what new stuff does CV have so far?

Yes we have started to write for the second lp. Only a few songs in.  There are new recordings to be released like I mentioned before. The wait will be worth the wait.  Up next for our release roster is:

Cognizant/cryptic void 7”

FID/ cryptic void 7”

Physwar 7” and tape release.  

All in all it’s 21 songs that no one have heard yet.

You announced only 1 show in Trutnov, that’s strange because bands usually do a European tour in support of the event. So will it stay an exclusive gig or you will show us more dates soon?

It’s to my knowledge that booking a tour around oef in Europe is proven to be a monumental endeavor if your band isn’t regurgitate or repulsion.  So that being said we planned to only play oef. Time off work, busy lives, and the struggle to get shows, van, etc….We just decided that oef will be a vacation like experience.  Cryptic will be there with our friends and my other band tantalum who will be opening up Saturday of the fest. Other then oef both bands will be playing one more show in Prague on Sunday after all the obscene chaos.  To get geared up for obscene cryptic void will also be doing a weekend in Canada just days before oef starts. Relying on these shows to get our bones lubed up to play some furious grindcore for everyone.

The last question. Pepsi or Coca Cola?

Haha. Gross man.  That shit is bad for you.  Neither? However I guess Pepsi if I had to pick.  If Mike Muir wanted one so bad and his mom wouldn’t give it to him then there has to be something good in there, right? Fuckin silly.  Anyways. Thanks for the questions. See you and all the grinders at oef. Grinddddddddddd



Hola amigos! It’s really nice day to sit and talk about gore, so let’s get started Are you excited about this trip to Europe? How did you feel when you were confirmed to play OEF?

If you are very excited for this second trip to Europe and more excited to be invited to a festival as renowned as this Obscene Extreme 2019 ….. happy…

I can’t avoid to ask you about your band name. What does Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitis mean? Do you maybe have some gruesome story behind it?

If it is a very long name and it means many things related to human behavior during your life on earth.  As it is mainly the pandemics, epidemics, insalubrity, promiscuity etc and if there are similar cases in some parts of the world as in central Africa, South America etc.  a mushroom stolen from contaminated wastewater staves… 

You`re 20 years on stage, that is a lot for Grind band. Could you tell us about the history of Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitis and some of it’s best moments?

If already this December 21, 2019 we turn 20 years as a formal band and as in everything we have gone through bad things, regular things and very  good as open to many renowned bands like Exhumed in the year 2000 in the city of mexico, open to Haemorrhage, etc. minigraphers with pandemia, avulsed, gij-ig, torsofuck, viscera infest, etc.  2 minigiras to center and south america and we have toured the huge Mexican republic 88% playing. and this second minigira to the european union … and we have participated in 20 splits with many bands and we have two demotapes and 2 cd full and more… 

Some years ago OEF came to Mexico. Did you get a chance to be there? And do you have similar festivals in your country?

If it was a festival on the shores of the city of mexico and if we participated in the last minute since a band canceled their participation and we were called to cover that space … very good experience, here  in Mexico if you are making very good Festivals such as the MEXICAN GORE GRIND MASTERS, the DEATH METAL FEST, MEXICAN BRUTALITY, METAL IN THE FOREST, IN THE NAME OF GORE, to name a few.

And stop! That’s all folks, the last words is yours guys.

Thank you very much Alexxxander for your interest and dedication to Paracoccidioidomycosisproctitissarcomucosis for the interview.  And here we send a greeting to those who read this … live in Mexico, live the extreme metal.



Little Puppy Princess official site

Good day man! How is Little Poppy Princes doing today?

I just пще married 2 month ago. Vocal guy will married 1 week later. Guitar guy will married in November. We are all happy this days. 

Speaking of the name of your band. Did you dedicated the name to your dog? Tell us the true story behind it.

When we starts the band, each member just take a one favorite word and we put everything together that`s all (no dogs no masters).

This summer you will hit Europe on a tour with Hungarian grinders Sote. Could you tell us a bit about the plans for your journey?

We will do about 10 shows in east EU with amazing fucking sick best awesome grindcore bands. And actually i have no idea whats really going on haha! If you`re interest please check Bloody Juice Ent! He is the man.

What does OEF mean to you? For example, in my opinion this festival is a place where  friends from all over the damn globe can meet each other.

I started listen grindcore about 15 years now and Korea still has not many (under 10 i guess) grindcore listeners, so I`m always lonely here. So OEF means a lot to me, I cant wait to meet old, new, internet friends and finally drink together and stage dive to die its total happiness to me. I been OEF 2012, and play OEF 2015 (Japan), but this time I`m gonna try to do my best to kissing my friends as much as possible.

That’s all man, hope to find you at OEF, cheers!

That’s all man, hope to find you at OEF, cheers!



Dropdead official page

Good day Bob! How’s it going, hope you’re doing well? What’s new and exciting in the Dropdead camp?

We are currently working on our 3rd full length Lp of around 26 brand new songs. We will record with Kurt Ballou (Converge) at God City in Salem, Mass.

Bob you have a lot of experience with live gigs, so the question is: big festivals or small home gigs? What is the best for Dropdead and why?

I prefer club shows for a more in your face, personal experience. I think sometimes the big festival shows can lose their intimacy. But that being said…we just played Maryland Deathfest which was awesome and I love, love LOVE playing Obscene Extreme.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but you are working on a new album, am I right? Tell us a bit more about it, please.

26 new songs standing against Animal abuse and exploitation, Racism, corrupt government ( TRUMP), War, patriarchy,  White power and fascism etc.

The extreme music scene has changed a lot since its beginning. So could you compare the old times (80’s/90’) to the current musical climate?

I think the 80s was certainly one of my favorite eras for classic political hardcore punk…possibly because of the Reagan years but the 90s gave way to some amazing and brutal music also. There are obviously still many amazing bands now hopefully all mobilizing and standing against this wanna be fascist dictator Donald Trump. I think oppressive times like now creates great rebellious music.

The last drop. In your opinion what year of OEF had the best lineup?

Every line up OEF puts together is amazing in it’s own way and I am always seriously honored to be asked to play. Nothing but love to Curby and the hard working crew at OEF.



Pulmonary Fibrosis official page

Greeting Mr. Guillaume! Let’s open a cold one and start. What do you have in store for this year’s OEF show? Pardon me if I am wrong, but this will be your first show at OEF, am I right?

Hi Alex &Good Guys Go Grind readers. Well we did half of our shows for this year i guess, we didso much great shows since last january. Like an anniversary party in France which was crazy, then Belgium for the Brutality Over Belgium which was awesome too, then followed 2 Russian shows where we had an awesome time with everyone. We toured there back in 2009 & i was driving with my van& playing as well together with our other band Baptized In Vaginal Liquid. But this time with less kilometers on the road & that was really awesome to play once again in Moscow & St Petersburg, thanx again Olga & Pavel. We played also in a cool fest called Neuronoise, then followed an awesome Portuguese/Spanishtour with the legendary PURULENT SPERMCANAL from Ostrava (Czech Republic) & that was the highlight of this year for sure. The tour was managed by 2 little passionate girls from Barcelona, Samantha & Paula, under the name of We Want Less Prod & that was awesome. Last week we did an awesome show close to our hometown for the release party of our old friends & punk band ED WARNER, and that was another awesome party. In June we should pay hommage to our old friend Fred, last PxFx singer/guitarist who passed away after our US/Canada tour in 2018, but the date isn’t confirmed yet. Then we should bring the japanese VISCERA INFEST to Switzerland on 3rd july & to the OEF. And no, we played at the OEF on 2008, that was both our 10th year anniversary & for the OEF.

PF really love to travel, you’ve been almost everywhere, could you tell us some crazy tour stories?  

Oooohh yes we do haha & i think that’s not enough. Our music is made to share with people who have fun with us on stage, music is not only listening stuffs at home, but sharing it with people from all around the world. Meeting people & having fun with them is the most important for us, visiting cool places & new countries. Well haha, there is plenty of stories for sure, but i think the 2 weeks tour we did in Mexico was the most crazy & we survived it haha. On the first show in Pachuca some people have stolen some of our tapes & cds, our bassist Reno tried to get it back and talked with the guys, but they wanted to chopped off his dick by saying we will cut your chorizo hahaha, we still laugh about it. We also almost died on the road because our driver was sleeping, as everyone in the van, and i was the only one awake to jump from the back of the van & turn the steering wheel.

What, in your opinion, is the greatest thing about Grindcore? What makes people listen this music and dedicate their lives to it?

Right now i don’t know because there is people who want kill the scene & destroying bands by spreading bullshit. But back in the day that was a movement to spit in the face of politics, against racism, fascism, animals & humans rights. The undergound was together against all this shit, that still the same fight for old bands & some actual ones, but it’s kind of lost i guess,most of the actual bands are more interest to become famous, selling cds, tshirts &asking a big amount of money even after releasing only one cd. But in the other hands there is the one who don’t care about all that shit  just want to play music & noise, they’re far from the extremist who are only busy by spreading bullshit instead of helping the scene& supporting bands. At least, the underground have still lot of great people who love to support old & new bands, and venues.

You have an amazing discography, you are almost like Agathocles, but in Gore, haha! What new releases will be out this year?

AGATHOCLES is our father & the one for every grinders haha. I have soooo much respect for Jan, he’s such an awesome friendly guy, i think that’s my grind father for sure haha. Nils & Koen from the actual line-up are great friends too, we had so many great party together& i did the last one with my best belgian friend Tony Schepkens at the OEF in 2008. When i watch those photos there is both sadness & happiness of that moment. Like or dislike AGx, but they deserve soooo much respect & every time i meet them or we share the stage together is a dream come true. Haha i think we are quite far from them about releases, they did so much vinyls, that’s crazy. But maybe that’s my goal to reach their score haha. This year our split 7EP w/MESRINE will be finally release after almost 15 years waiting, then we just mastered 2 songs with analogue gear in a mastering studio for a split 7EP w/LES FROTTIS DE L’ESPACE, there is a split tape w/CxBxFxIxHxFxLxFxRxE& more in progress. We should also start to record the new album after this summer.

And the final one. What is the biggest Grind dream of yours?

Woww hard one. We did an wesome tour with the legendary PURULENT SPERMCANAL, a band that i’m listening since i’m in the underground, that was crazy. Then we had the honour to see & meet MORTICIAN, man nothing is heavier than this band, i cried when i saw them playing all the songs i’m listening since ever & the privilege to talk & touch them haha. So i don’t know, we toured & played with almost all our idols, and we are friends with them, they respect us, that’s just crazy i can’t believe it. Maybe playing with CARCASS should be really awesome, but i would have to see them with Ken Owen behind the kit. NAPALM DEATH should be great too, Barney was at our 2nd show in Tokyo (Japan) in 2015, but as Carcass, the golden years of both bands is far back, but i still respect them a lot for what they do & they still kick ass on stage & enjoy it. So besides that, i guess playing & visiting new countries we didn’t did yet would be awesome.



Mr Marcaille official page


Hey-ho! I`m glad that you found some time to answer a few of my questions. Here is the first one. Will OEF be the only gig you are playing in Europe? Or do you have some plans to visit a few more places?

Ahoy , happy to answer you man. you’re welcome.

I’m from north of french country, by belgian corner so I’m doing a lot of gigs in europe actually.

Next to OEF I gonna play to Ruhrpott Rodeo (DE), before I’m doing a spring tour in UK.

Are you afraid of the big stage? And huge number of people? Because at OEF you will get all of that, hehehe.

I’m not afraid at all, of course it’s something different to play big stages like OEF than little venues. That’s not exactly the same energy between you and the crowd but basicaly the feeling keeps the same, rock’n’roll.

How did you come up with this idea to use Cello for noise music? I bet it’s rather difficult to play drums, cello and sing all at the same time, what is you secret?

My secret is to make it easy, just pushing some fuck’in rock’n’roll out of the box, as it’s have to be. And Beer Time… (best energy drink in the world) it’s a long time I wired my Cello on amps, Cello was made for rockin’ you know. I played lots of bands before, on Cello, Drums or Bass guitar, at one point I decided to keep on going with the Cello cause that was my first instrument, the closest feeling to me obviously. Easy doing.

What is the most obscure music you have ever listened to?

I would say Metal Machine Music by Lou Reed, but that’s not so obscure finaly, harsh noise avant garde stuff at it’s time.

As long as I remember I will say an obscure tape I get from my cello teacher years ago, some weird industrial gothic death rock from the eighties, no names no logo, just a tape. I was young and that was a very nice meeting with an other side of music.

I like Kansanturvamusiikkikomissio 666, Drunks With Guns, Ubris, Ildjarn.

Thank Mr Marcaille! Hope to meet you somewhere at the festival!

Yeah man, see you at the festival !! I’m glad to be a part of OEF this year !! Kill Kill Kill


Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition official page

Hi Seb! Our first question is a pretty straightforward one.  What inspired you to start Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition?

In the beginning of 90s, we were a large group of friends in Paris really involved in underground death, grind, crust, and black metal. We loved bands as Brutal Truth, Dead Infection, Gut, Carcass, Catasexual Urge Motivation, Disrupt, Terrorizer, Extreme Noise Terror, Impaled Nazarene, Napalm Death, …)

We met at some death metal gigs in Paris, and soon, we saw each other every weekends to drink beers, or to go to some gigs or festivals in Paris or in Belgium. Some close friends started to play drums and guitar, and someday in February 1996 the decision was taken to form a band, and I join it! We just wanted to play the music we liked but without thinking that it could become serious or last a long time. We had no long-term plan, but just the desire to be part of the scene we loved.

SCD’s last album shows us that you’re back to your Gore roots. Does that means that you finished experimenting with other stuff (like you did on Sheep’N’Guns)?

Yes, we really enjoy going back to our Porno Gore roots. We probably needed some different experience on previous albums to better return to the origin of everything that made us love Extreme music in the first place. As soon as we started composing the songs of our latest album “Raping Angels in Hell”, we were determined to rediscover the spirit of the bands of the 80s and 90s, which were already the band’s influences in 1996.

I know that many of the bands have short time slot at OEF, but will you play something from your debut album? Anyway how many songs have you prepared for this show?

The slots are indeed quite short. We only have 30 minutes on stage. It gives us the opportunity to play about ten songs. On the first third of the set we’ll play a few songs from the first albums (half of our debut albums) And for sure, the last twenty minutes of our show will be devoted to songs of “Raping Angels in Hell” : I can’t wait to play these songs in the Obscene Extreme Festival!!!

Besides OEF, what is the one show or festival you have played that is easily the most memorable for you?

We will be playing at the obscene extreme festival for the third time this year and it’s really our favorite festival. It is the one that remains almost exclusively dedicated to grind and crust with an atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else and the opportunity for the public to go on stage all the time. Curby is really a great person and it’s a real pleasure to see what he has managed to develop with this festival. We have done a lot of festivals that have excited us, but the one that remains particularly memorable is the Hellfest. We will play at the Hellfest for the second time this year, and there are always great bands that we do not meet every day (it’s sometime hard to believe to be in the same backstage of some of them). There are 150,000 people on three days, and the pit of the Altar stage (where we will play) can afford 10,000 people, which is amazing for death metal bands and even more for grind bands, or crust or porn gore!

Final one. What is your favorite album that you have released over the years? And can you explain why?

Our best album is for me the last one “Raping Angels in Hell”.

We had three different periods before this last album:

– Our first grind gore albums from 1996 to 2003: really aggressive and underground

– “Inventory of Fixtures” in 2007 in which our crust influences are more present

– “Sheep’N Guns” in 2011 in which our death influences are more present

But “Raping Angels in hell” is the most accomplished in terms of influences, compositions and sound. It is our favorite because we can find in this album all the urgency and rage that is common to bands of death, grind and crust since always and found in various shape and forms in bands like : behind enemy lines, brujeria, deicide, disfear, entombed, lock up, nasum, venomous concept, wolfbrigade …

Thank you for this interview, and thanks to all those support our band till many years

See you soon, bro. In Gore We Fuck!

You still have a chance to buy your OEF ticket and book the vip camp at www.obsceneextreme.cz

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