Emils ‎– Fight Together For…

It’s been awhile since we reviewed some Punk Rock. So here we are again, this time I hold in my hand a badass album from legendary German Punks Emils! This band is one of the fundamental squads in the German scene, they started in 1985 and are still active (more or less). Originally this LP was released in 1988 (more than 30 years ago, wow) but I have a re-press from 2018. This re-issue has amazing bonuses and damn good quality, Power it Up has done their best. There is a paper book with a ton old information, a bunch of moldy photos and all of the lyrics, that is just amazing guys. Plus we also have a small 7” with live recordings, I respect the love of this label for such small details. So if you love tactile sensations like me, you will be super happy with such a great release. But only looking and touching can not satisfy our hunger, let’s put this album on.

From the very start I got a loud punch, haha! The first sound is wild, so fast and dynamic… this music has so much chereful energy. Song by song Emils kicks me with more and more portions of good tunes. Their Punk is toxic, and sometimes stupid but it gives a lot of great emotions. Generally this is  Hardcore Punk with strong Metal influences. These Metal elements, like guitar solos, structures and speed makes the music spicier. I’ve caught myself in a thought that while listening to “Fight Together For…” I was transported back 30 years ago to a dirty club, where everything smelled of beer and cigarettes, where the music played loudly and all the people there are laughing and are kind to each other.

I’m sure that back then, this band was a real savage in live action. And if you like old dirty punk, or you just want to hear something historic and interesting, you must check out this LP!

Rating: 8.5/10

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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