Disturbance Project / Convulsions

Have you ever wondered how much energy is released during a building explosion? Or maybe how much power a river has when tearing apart a dam? This split has similar energy… A small piece of plastic is charged with an impressive portion of Spanish Grindcore. And the first band on this split is Convulsions… 

Convulsions is an abnormal connection between speed, aggression and hate. This  music reminds me of a horrible organism that is the result of many surgeries and experiments. Their side is really punchy and punky… Riffs are fast and the blasts are loud. Vocals and bass have a good quality, generally sound productions is tasty. Each song is like one gunshot, they will blow a hole in you, haha! But most of all I like the spirit in these track, this music of full of live energy and ferocity. The Disturbance Project cover is especially spicy, perfect choice for the last song.  

All 5 tracks on the Disturbance Project side manage to make you stagger under its weight. The guitars are heavy as hell, with distortion that would crush an Olympic lifter. All of the tracks are short, ugly and dangerous. This is an excellent example of what new sound technology can do with old school Grindcore. The sound is dense, suffocatingly heavy and full of scary anger – perfect combination. I like how this material sounds in general… this Grindcore is unstoppable and pumping. This is the sound of a huge and bloody car crash, haha!

Simply one of the best grind splits so far, highly recommended!

Rating: 8.5/10     Disturbance Project fb         Convulsions fb

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