Sordid Clot / Hydropsy

For the last decade the Russian underground Grind scene has flourished There is a lot of new names, but older acts still show signs of life. The old farts from Sordid Clot prepared a new portion of filth for our ears. This is one of the oldest grind bands in Russia, they started 20 years ago. As for Hydropsy, they are a band from Moscow, they’ve been around for about 8 years and this is their last noise (I mean really last, the band is RIP).
I will go in order and will start with Sordid. So, Sordid Clot recorded a very funny, groovy and interesting piece. It’s ugly and drunk Grind madness with a low bass sound and buzzing guitars, crazy yelling, screams and growls. Most of the songs have middle of the road tempo that will make you dance. This music is a perfect explanation of drunk Russian party, haha! I can also say that this Grind is not so memorable, the sound is not so Grind (especially for my perverted taste) and it’s too clean but still worth a listen.

The Hydropsy side is something really different. This gore mess has no guitar, there is only bass, drums and vocals. And in my opinion the main thing on this recording is not the sound ,it’s the pumping energy and ugly emotions. The bass sound is so swampy (mostly) and dirty, it creates a great noisy background for the pitch shifted vocals and drums. Speaking of the vocal, its classically low and disgusting, LDOH and Rompeprop fans won’t be disappointed, hehe. Drums are not extremely fast but they perfectly fit for this kind of gore. I especially like the “tupa tupa” moments.

Conclusion – this is a really nice and noisy release. If you`re interested in discovering new grind tunes, try this CD, I bet you won’t be regret it.

Rating: 7.5/10      Sordid Clot fb          Hydropsy:

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