Skunk – Failed World (Bloody Scythe Records)

Listening to Skunk stirs interesting memories and images that stumble through my mind, most of which are full of stupid drunk fun, haha! This is the real ugly face of punk with dirty and aggressive emotions. As far as I know the material on this 7” are the last that was released as a physical format. By the way, this vinyl has a very cute pink color and it’s hard to connect this lovely color with slimy punk, haha! Speaking of the visual side… well you can say that this releases has very average (for crust) covert art. Nuclear blasts, dead ecology and death… Although that is the case, this image displays the music and the lyrical side of this band. “Failed World” has a bit of a boring face but, it’s very crazy inside. Believe me my friends this recording session is damn fire! 😉

So as I said, Skunk is very socially oriented, their lyrics are full of important themes about human behavior, pain, protest and nihilism. The perfect trio of ideas with a tight raw crust structure. The buzzing guitar tone is awesome, these simple riffs are really catchy. Low bass is great too, I like the tremor like vibrations in the background. The classic D-beat way of drumming is freaking primitive and fits perfectly. The vocal guy has enough power to cover all this crazy mess and that is awesome. I must say that all 6 songs have very nice production, they are charged with live energy… this mess will give you some really cool emotions.   

Skunk craft the mood of joy well (even with themes of desperation in their songs). And yeah, hundreds of bands before them have done it. But they’re still awesome at it.

Rating: 8/10      Skunk bc

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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