Vomi Noir (23.05.19)

Greetings! How are you guys? Hope you`re doing good, I`m really glad that you`re here, so let’s start this small talk.

Pierre : Hey Alexander ! Doing OK ! Thanks for talking to us !
Laurent : Hey dude !
David: Hi Alexander everything is fine

Just a while ago you released a new split with Sneezing Pus. Could you tell us about this team work?

Pierre : Rene from Sneezing Pus approached me with their songs in order to release a split together… I was stoked to share a release with one of Noel’s projects (Gruesome Stuff Relish, etc) We had a bunch of songs already recorded too… They were for a Radiation Vomit originally but after a while, I thought those songs (and the artwork) would fit Sneezing Pus more… Hopefully the split with RV will still happen ! We have more songs and ideas for it… perhaps grindier and a bit different…
David: I am very proud of the split sound is very loud and cover art by Pierre is amazing

I know that you’ve known each other many years. What made the 2 of you start Vomi Noir? I bet our readers are very interested in this bit of history.

Pierre : Well, it’s more than 2 of us… But David and I met through Eric (from Vomit Yourself, now R.I.P.) and we started to play in Blue Holocaust first… We practiced a bunch together with a drum machine for a while… but patience paid off since we found Laurent, to play drums with us, through another friend, Gabi (both used to play in Biotox…) we all wanted to play grind… So it worked out! Vomi Noir is really actually Laurent & Gabi’s idea originally… But we also still continue to do Blue Holocaust at the same time.

Pierre this is question for you. You`re a well known artist, you have your own style, so… What inspired you to start drawing such crazy art? It will be awesome if you could tell us about the whole creative process.

Pierre : I’ve always drawn since I’ve been a kid… my own little comic books and stuff… Also my mom forbid me to buy Garbage Pail Kids stickers, so I had to start drawing my own !! That might be what made me start to draw disgusting things… but I have plenty of different inspiration… The biggest might be Jeff Walker from Carcass, love those few drawings he made back in the day… Then Stevo (Impetigo), Luisma (Haemorrhage), etc… and maybe more of course… Nowadays I really look up to Putrid Matt, Dan Sawblade, these guys art always blow me away !!
Laurent : Why didn’t you translate “the crados” by “les crados”?

I’d like to know, what are your favorite Gore/Grind bands to come around the last decade?

Pierre : Tough question… I’m more into old school bands… From the last decade I could cite The Men’s Toilet, G.O.D., Heinous, Hyperemesis, Pulsating Cerebral Slime, Acid Feast, Rawhead, Clogged, stuff like that…
David: I am a more old school stuff like Carcass Early napalm death , cannibal Corpse exulceration
From the last decade : Archagathus , Active Stenosis , Nasty face , Oniku The men toilet , Death tolk 80

Live gigs are not the strongest side of Vomi Noir, recently you’ve not been playing many shows… But I’m sure that you planned to play few shows in the future, so when and where will grindheads be able to catch you?

Pierre : Yeah… it’s difficult to play shows, mainly because David and Laurent are family men and it’s hard to find the time between all the kids, hard work and all that stuff ! Also, we’re not getting great offers to play shows… I’d love to play more shows, but it’s really time-consuming to tour… I see it now that I’m also playing in Pulmonary Fibrosis, it’s a lot of time on the road… sometimes to play in front of just a few people… You have to really commit to that lifestyle… But I’m really happy creatively in Vomi Noir, there’s a lot of good chemistry, working, recording in the practice room… Some sessions can be really intense and satisfying! Laurent’s blast beats often give me chills… We’ve been working on a full length record that should be pretty cool ! I don’t really care so much about playing live… I’m totally OK with just playing local shows personally… We got to play with Demilich last year though… I’d be fine to call it quits after that, haha ! but yeah, perhaps we would need to work more on our live performances… So, not much is planned right now, but if anyone has a decent offer to make us play, just contact us!

Both of you have some project aside from VN. Please tell us about your other nasty projects.

Pierre : We all also play in Blue Holocaust, it’s basically the same band, hehe ! Otherwise lately I’ve been playing in Pulmonary Fibrosis for the latest shows that they’ve played and hopefully more in the future too… I have some other project ideas but they’re pretty embryonic right now, I won’t mention ’em…
David: I have also played with Mörtsüre for one year. It’s more a punk hardcore band with Dissiped menbers. We have released a demo and played some shows in the south of France.

What equipment and settings do you use to get such disgusting pitch-shifted vocals?

Pierre : For pitch shifting I’m using a BOSS PS-3 right now… but I’m trying to add some natural vocals here and there as well (à la Bill Steer/on the old Carcass records) just adding some delay effects; Live I haven’t used pitch shifting a lot lately because we get some feedback issues sometimes… but hopefully I’ll be able to fix those problems next time…

Guys how many releases do you have so far, and what do you plan to release next?

Pierre : We just have the demo from 2016, Session Ecorché à Vif, the Split tape with Halitosis, « Toutes les Métamorphoses » single sided 7”Ep on Meltaaargh & Split 7” with Sneezing Pus…
Next will be our full length I hope… « Les Myasmes de la Déliquescence » (music is recorded, just needs vocals), I still hope to release a split with Radiation Vomit… plus more splits and compilations are planned but it’s a bit vague for now…
As Blue Holocaust we also have our full length « Flesh for the Cannibal God » that’s about to come out (hopefully)… Plus we just recorded for a 4 way split cd with Rawhead, Active Stenosis & Raw Addict!

Pierre believe it or not but Braindead zine was a monstrous inspiration for me. We need it back! I bet many people asking you about this.. Could you tell us a bit about this piece of history of yours?

Pierre : Thanks man !! Probably no more need for Braindead nowadays since Good Guys Go Grind is here, haha ! It’s hard to find the time because I’m focused on artwork and music and writing riffs and lyrics these days… and I’ve been disheartened from not getting answers to interview I send at times… But still planning to maybe make a printed issue or something like that some time! Maybe Maybe once our two full lengths are out, I’ll have more time for it…

The most disgusting horror film of all time is?

Pierre : Another tough question… Perhaps still Cannibal Holocaust for me ! It still turns my stomach… although there are probably worst ones out there, but I’m not really looking for most disgusting usually… I just like well made films.
David: the more disgusting film is maybe Martyrs by Pascal Laugier .
And one of my favourite movie is Texas chainsaw massacre by Tobe Hopper.

I know that VN is not a political band, but I can’t avoid asking about all this resent crap. Do you think that the “yellow vests” will calm down? And what do you think about this situation?

Pierre : Yeah, I can’t give you an answer because I don’t really understand or really follow what’s going on… I’m usually in my own little world… It might not always be obvious but Vomi Noir is a good way to express my disgust with a lot of things… I guess it will eventually die down… but the world is always in turmoil, somewhere, some place anyway…
Laurent : By the way yellow vest Will Never die, ok ???? We Will create à New movement called thé Black vest vomit. We Will vomit over the world And poo over the wall of trump…
VxNxBxH Will Never die.
David: Vomi Noir is not political band . But for me, it’s a social crisis never seen before in France.There is no more confidence to politicians because nothing has changed.

This was a nice talk, thank you so much guys! Any last words for our readers?

Pierre : Thanks for the interview !! Check us out at : Vomi Noir bandcamp  and deathrattles.braindeadzine.net
Laurent : We looooooved your interview. You grind core rock!


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