The Seeker / Arnø X Duebel

Do you like fast music guys? Yes? So you’re in right place at the right time. Because today we will spinning a really fast release, a split between The Seeker and Arnø X Duebel. I listened to this 7” few times in a row and must say I’m positively impressed. This highly concentrated violence from young bands is bloody loud and sincere. The power, speed and genres in general are similar but at the same time don’t feel exactly alike. Let’s dig deeper and find out what the difference is.    

Milan residents The Seeker are first in our short list. Hm, I can identify this noise as  Fastcore/Hardcore. It’s full of pure and honest emotions… Hate, aggression and anger, everything is there. The whole sound is a bit messy, but this release is catchy at the expense of this unstoppable energy. I like that among the straight fast pieces there are some swing moments, that makes this twisted noise more interesting. The Seeker proved again that Italians know how to play fast music.

Germans Arnø X Duebel sound much heavier. This unity of Powerviolence/Hardcore/ and Grind is smashing, damn… Songs are short but the riffs are sharp. I like the way they used  tiny elements of Sludge in the mix as well. This material is kick ass, the fast/slow structures and loud sound are literally pushing you into the pit. Clanging bass, nice buzzing guitar tone, a few kinds of vocals and stupidly angry work of the drummer.

For someone looking for some simple, ass-kicking music, this release will be perfect for you.

Rating: 8/10            The Seeker           Arnø X Duebel

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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